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Arduino OBD2 project

Arduino obd2 code reader, Open Source Fuel Efficiency Instrumentation...

Compiled under vs2010 meshlab1.3.3

This was compiled under vs2010 meshlab1.3.3. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support!...

OpenGL tutorial

Source code compile with CMAKE. Altogether 18 programs, divided into program code and shader code, each run separately. In the playground, you can write your own OpenGL program....

OpenGL car models source code

OpenGL source car model, suitable for novices to learn, code is easy to understand...

Read and display the point cloud, triangulated,

Main points read, display, geometric transformations such as rotation and triangulated, primarily using Opengl display technology, sets the device context and the points cloud triangulation can be achieved!...

OpenGL implementation of mechanical arm

Implemented using OpenGL a mechanical arm, refer to the OpenGL red book, the main difficulty lies in understanding the matrix stack and use...

OpenGL loading STL file at the same time to display

Application backgroundSTL file is a file format used in the computer graphics application system for representing a triangular mesh. Its file format is very simple, and it is widely used. STL is the standard file type used by the most rapid prototyping system, and the CAD 3D model is represented by...

Kinect to obtain three-dimensional point cloud data and storage

Application backgroundThe program is based on V2.0 Kinect prepared under the environment of the operating environment for the v2.0+opencv 2.4.8 win8.1+kinect, and then will obtain the three-dimensional point cloud data saved to the TXT file....

OpenGL source-the little red book

OpenGL source-the little red book: the little red book have also updated seventh edition, contains both fixed lines also have programmable rendering pipeline. Open GL Programming Guide (formerly the 7th Edition) on OpenGL and the OpenGL utility library is described in comprehensive and authoritativ...

OpenGL MFC templates

This is a single document VC6.0 OpenGL based template program. Remember when searching for learning OpenGL OpenGL framework program, find some OpenGL code fragment can't try, now all you have to do in the COpenglTemplateView::OnDraw () function fills in OpenGL drawing code, you can see the effect. A...

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