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VS2013 OpenGL based 3D model program

This program is based on OpenGL in VS2013, 3D models in obj format can be read into the show, and a translation along all axes feature, but also has a zoom feature, was a rare instance of the new to OpenGL program....

Read and display the point cloud, triangulated,

Main points read, display, geometric transformations such as rotation and triangulated, primarily using Opengl display technology, sets the device context and the points cloud triangulation can be achieved!...

OpenGL implementation of mechanical arm

Implemented using OpenGL a mechanical arm, refer to the OpenGL red book, the main difficulty lies in understanding the matrix stack and use...

Kinect to obtain three-dimensional point cloud data and storage

Application backgroundThe program is based on V2.0 Kinect prepared under the environment of the operating environment for the v2.0+opencv 2.4.8 win8.1+kinect, and then will obtain the three-dimensional point cloud data saved to the TXT file....

3 ds imported into Opengl available source, model plane (c language version

Used to 3 ds Max file imports into the opengl example source code, debugging is available under the vs2010, is well worth a look at the file content simple and clear, very telling...

OPENGL implementation stars rotate

This program can draw stars rotate effect 1) Multiple stars rotate around the Center; 2) Effect of spiral-like effect; 3) 星星的颜色不同; 4) Shown in the following figure , which used stars pictures see annex Star.bmp....

OpenGL how to load 3D models from a file

This example demonstrates how the 3D model will be loaded into the openGL,read the 3D model by using c++ language in VS2010....

OpenGL mouse to rotate, moving objects

//#include"Qua.h"; #include<GLglut.h> #include<iostream> using std::cout; using std::endl; void DrawCube( int * a, int * b, int * level ) { glPolygonMode( GL_FRONT_AND_BACK, GL_LINE ); glLineWidth(1.0f); glEnable( GL_LINE_STIPPLE ); glLineStipple(1, 0x0F0F); for( int...

OpenGL drawing polygon source code

This is the source code of how to use OpenGL draw a polygon, which is the basis of OpenGL. Can be used to draw a polygon, can be used to draw a convex polygon, concave polygon, knowledge of the source code you can better know the principles of programming. Easy to learn OpenGL, this learning OpenGL...

Simulation of three-axis manipulator OpenGL

Based on the MFC project using OpenGL draws a three dimensional model of three-axis industrial robot, moving along the line, you can add a coordinate system, the overall effect is very good....

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