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OpenGL environment configuration test code

Application backgroundIntroduces the OpenGL on MSVC 2015 configuration, including freeglut and glew and gltools configuration of the configuration after inspection test code configuration is complete....

C++ and openGL development of the game of billiards

Application backgroundA classical learning opengl game development project case, billiards game development, beautiful interface, suitable for learning, using C + + language and OpenGL graphics development interface, good is worth the download, aiming to study graphic image in the development of lea...

D3D perspective generic VS2012

Application backgroundD3D perspective generic FPS game, only to change the source code in a parameter can be achieved perspective! The characters of each game model ID are not the same! Can not find the Internet to find...

3D racing game based on OpenGL

Application backgroundOpenGL is a 3D graphics API (Programming ApplicationInterface, application programming interface), the English name is "open graphics library", that is, the opening graphics programming interface technology and its extensive application and application of digital technology and...

Color picker enhanced version

Application background      this is a very good image color picking software, it is a course design of the graduate students, it can color display and pick up the image in real time. The program is not bug, can be normal operation, very suitable for beginners....

OpenGl implementation of the solar system

Application backgroundUsing OpenGL to achieve the solar system, the experiment in the eight major planets of the solar system as the theoretical basis by the size of planets, the sun and the distance, set the rotation period and the period of revolution and other parameters by based on C language an...


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