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OpenGL implementation of three-dimensional walkthrough

Using OpenGL in VC environment to achieve a three-dimensional walkthrough in the scene including ground, a cube, a tetrahedron, keyboard control, roaming, as well as cube and tetrahedron respectively in each direction of rotation ......

Read SLC file

By simply understanding slc file formats, file read operations. By Toolkit VTK file required to read slc...

Vs2010 OpenGL open ply

After loading the visual OpenGL library studio2010, mesh image files can be opened in.Ply, clear and easy to understand code, there are examples of....

OpenGL implementation spin, Pan, zoom, and map

In the VS platform written in OpenGL source code, realized, zoom, Pan, and rotate the cube texture map. Accompanied by operating instructions....

Written in VC and OPGL robot control program

Through the use VC6.0 and OPenGL, realization of humanoid robot moves each joint rotation, complete the basic operation of a humanoid robot. Mainly covers the procedural basis of color, physical modeling, rendering and animation application development in four aspects of content....

Delaunay Triangulation generation

This procedure is implemented using OpenGL and MFC triangulation point cloud data, through commissioning, welcome to download!!! But OpenGL library included with this program is not, everyone should download, thank you!!...

OpenGL read obj file

Application backgroundOpenGL can well realize the programming of three-dimensional space, and obj format is a simple and general format application is very extensive. After this procedure the obj format to read, and to achieve a mouse model of mobile rotation operation, OpenGL read obj, obj file con...

OpenGL loading STL file at the same time to display

Application backgroundSTL file is a file format used in the computer graphics application system for representing a triangular mesh. Its file format is very simple, and it is widely used. STL is the standard file type used by the most rapid prototyping system, and the CAD 3D model is represented by...

Obj file reads source code

Obj file with vector readobj file format began with v,VN,VT,f, coordinates, so reads a file line by line read, and then the tags and the values are stored through the use of various functions in the vector storage...

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