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Written in VC and OPGL robot control program

Through the use VC6.0 and OPenGL, realization of humanoid robot moves each joint rotation, complete the basic operation of a humanoid robot. Mainly covers the procedural basis of color, physical modeling, rendering and animation application development in four aspects of content....

Import 3ds model OpenGL-C++

-C ++ opengl import 3ds model [the resource unoriginal, but find the source URL, to thank the original author]3ds max 2014 export 3ds file formatObject-oriented approach, implemented in C ++ on a 3DS file import OPENGL...

Augmented reality program of OpenCV and OpenGL in MFC framework

Application backgroundUse the camera to read the video, opencv analysis of camera data, monitoring the video feature location, OpenGL painted three-dimensional objects moving to the feature location reality,Video data as a whole backgroundKey TechnologyTexture mapping technology, target detection te...

OpenGL read obj file to build three-dimensional model

Application backgroundOpenGL to read obj file to build three-dimensional model:1)              ; edge data structure (half) is read into a three-dimensional mesh model, and displayed on the screen;2)  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,,  ,  ,,, only show the...

Computer graphics openmesh&qt

Application backgroundComputer graphics, QTModelViewer, openmesh combined with QT, the grid subdivision of the edge of the reverse, OpenGL three-dimensional image editing, running through!...

opengl source code - Load a 3D face of a human from a file and display the face.

Using the template file 1. Load a 3D face of a human from a file and display the face.  The structure of the file is as follows: The number of vertices Coordinates of vertices The number of polygon indexes of vertices of polygons 2. Implement pitch, roll and yaw of the ca...

Clock dial using OPENGL

Programming the clock movement,  using the standard library functions provided by OpenGL, integrated graphics Bresenham algorithm for drawing lines and circles, OpenGL color model RGBA mode, color modes to achieve analogue clock movements, and realize the clock background and hour hand conversi...

OpenGL Fireworks particle system

OpenGL Fireworks particle system simulation is mainly used for Fireworks, for OpenGL C++ beginners of particle systems, where there is a very good application, can also be used as a new card or a meaningful gift, to send people. I hope you enjoyed and learned from what they want....

ROAM realtime lod terrain

Project file for MS Visual C++ 6.0.Requires GLUT DLL ( program constants in Landscape.h and Utility.cpp.MAPS:  Default map is read from HeghtXXX.raw where XXX is the MAP_SIZE(as defined in Landscape.h).  If this map is not found, the programattempts to open "Map.v...

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