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OpenGL read obj file

Application backgroundOpenGL can well realize the programming of three-dimensional space, and obj format is a simple and general format application is very extensive. After this procedure the obj format to read, and to achieve a mouse model of mobile rotation operation, OpenGL read obj, obj file con...

Obj file reads source code

Obj file with vector readobj file format began with v,VN,VT,f, coordinates, so reads a file line by line read, and then the tags and the values are stored through the use of various functions in the vector storage...

MFC shows three-dimensional point cloud openInventor

Three-dimensional point cloud, openInventor,MFC-dimensional display and rotation of the point cloud and other operations, in C++ using OpenInVentor realization of three-dimensional two-dimensional graphic display and transform operations.-In the C++Use OpenInVentor realize three-dimensional two-dime...

OpenGL lighting effects

This is my development of OpenGL dynamic lighting effects, direct runs Anim.exe. Press EQ rotating figure up and adjust the viewing angle, 1 toggle full screen, 2 switch perspectives, iopjkl switch characters of different actions....

Opengl drawing clocks

In c++ using OpenGL to draw a clock. Users enter hours, minutes can get a clock that shows the time graph. Clock graphics including rounded borders, small moments, and hour hand minute hand minute ticks. Second hand painted. A small program is very simple, very suitable for beginne...

The flat design Gobang based on OpenGL

Use OpenGL very nice gobang. You can read the disk, the rechecking, undo, man-machine war, multiplayer. The game AI a variety of degree only choice.Program interface using the flat design is now very popular, very modern sense of science and technology:)The whole procedure is only used the OpenGL ut...

OpenGL drag object using mouse

source code c++ in opengl using mouse to move a object creat a empty windows and a green rectangle then use mouse to move green rectangle ...

OpenGl drawing automatically rotate Cup

This program is a simple openGl program, and draw a glass model of the red and blue color, and staggered some distance display, water Cup Auto-rotate feature, after configuring OpenGL environment vs2010 be able to compile the source program is running, and source code related to the OpenGL function...

Undergraduate graduation thesis edge detection algorithm

1 , The achievement of edge detection operator functions: Through Visual C++6.0 realization of function of edge detection operator, Sobel operator,Prewitt operators, andRoberts operators for the function definition, and then make the function call, and they can have different effects of edg...

OpenGL rendering of the Earth program

This procedure for uses the basic OpenGL rendering Earth, illumination has been written, but I haven't put a texture on the surface of the Earth, you can labelled the earth texture....

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