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OpenGL examples of human-computer interaction

Use openGL for an example of human-computer interaction, build a 3D virtual island, you can control the angle and move forward or backward, down, left, is the basis for making games and first met openGL classmates are very good examples, and I hope you cherish...

Stanford computer graphics OpenGL demo

This program is from Stanford University, OpenGL graphics demo program, can use the mouse to control the viewpoint of location allows you to enlarge or reduce the size of the whole image, you can display a grid for the entire three-dimensional image information...

Map of OpenGL

Map of an OpenGL implementation, can show textures, textures, some basic knowledge of OpenGL, suits the beginner to model reference, code is relatively complete, functions that achieve more detailed, easy to understand....

tree fractal opengl

a tree in 3d make with Opengl using c++ with fractals three fractal opengl code example...

DXFreader, merits our reference

DXF viewing source please see DXF.BAS.hehe it is worth we learn from ption Explicit 'Global variables Public Const PI = 3.14159265358979 Public Const INFINITY As Double = 9E+99 '--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Point en 2D '----...

opengl drwaing house

Drawing programs often allow one to enter polylines using a mouse and then to edit the polylines until they present the desired picture. In the following figure (Figure 2.53), (a) shows a house in the process of being drawn; the user has just clicked at the position shown, and a line has...

TWAIN source, scanner case

TWAIN source, scanner case, TWAIN source, scanner case, TWAIN source, scanner case, TWAIN source, scanner case, TWAIN source, scanner case, TWAIN source, scanner case, TWAIN source, scanner case, TWAIN source, scanner case, TWAIN source, scanner case, TWAIN source, scanner TWAIN source case, case sc...

Clock dial using OPENGL

Programming the clock movement,  using the standard library functions provided by OpenGL, integrated graphics Bresenham algorithm for drawing lines and circles, OpenGL color model RGBA mode, color modes to achieve analogue clock movements, and realize the clock background and hour hand conversi...

OpenGL Fireworks particle system

OpenGL Fireworks particle system simulation is mainly used for Fireworks, for OpenGL C++ beginners of particle systems, where there is a very good application, can also be used as a new card or a meaningful gift, to send people. I hope you enjoyed and learned from what they want....

Sift features extracted source code

SIFT is a registration method based on feature. SIFT matching is David g. Professor Lowe in 2004 summarized based on invariant feature detection method based on the technology of proposed based on scale-space, image scaling, rotating and even affine transformation remain invariant feature matching a...

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