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Read the point cloud data

size:14px;">可以读取文件的三维点云坐标,并且实现鼠标的三维空间转化。 鼠标中键  按住拖动            旋转 鼠标滚轮  旋转                缩放 鼠标中键 + Ctrl   按...

Design of three-dimensional modeling

dimensional images, achieving goals in three dimensional coordinates and rotation around the axis of the cube and its own spin. And most of the translation and rotation of the coordinate system around the x, y, z axes respectively....

Sift features extracted source code

SIFT is a registration method based on feature. SIFT matching is David g. Professor Lowe in 2004 summarized based on invariant feature detection method based on the technology of proposed based on scale-space, image scaling, rotating and even affine transformation remain invariant feature matching a...

Grid computing earthwork

This is one of earthwork calculation on LISP source code that can be run through my trial, the first free, you have to find the god wrong place can contact me. This is one of earthwork calculation on LISP source code that can be run through my trial, the first free,if  you  find the wrong...

Raindrops are falling into the pool of OpenGL examples

size:16px;">这是在visual studio 2010环境下基于MFC下实现的 雨滴落入水池opengl实例,实例很炫哦,代码很全哦。...

Simple MFC Application for openGL (For Practice)

A simple MFC application for openGL, show how use opengl in MFC.This is a small openGL program , it intuitive shows the how use openGL in MFC, and it competed a simple function like Drawing in Windows, as well as shows the basis usage of 2d part of opengl....

robotics three arm manipulato

space:nowrap;">#include <cmath> #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <iomanip> #include <iostream> #include <graphics.h> using namespace std; const int L1=100; const int L2=80; const int L3=50; const int ORIGIN_X=500; const int ORIGIN_Y=5...

OpenGL virtual landscape generation system

space:nowrap;">OpenGL  虚拟地景生成系统,比较简单,初学...

csc108 Assignment

tracer and render a simple scene using ray casting and local shading. The starter code sets up a scene comprising of an ellipsoid and a plane, being illuminated by a point light source. Your job is to render the scene by implementing code fragments required for object intersections and Phong shading...

robot simple arm

space:nowrap;">//#include "stdafx.h"#include #include #include #include #include #include "supportClass.h"#include "Mesh.h"#include "printmatrix.h"using namespace std;#define PI 3.1415926#define DEG2RAD(x) (x*PI)/180.0fvoid myDisplay();int screenWidth = 600;in...

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