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Read the point cloud data

Three dimensional point cloud coordinates can read files and achieve the dimensional transformation of mouse. Press and hold the middle mouse button drag the rotation Mouse wheel rotation, zooming +Ctrl press and hold the middle mouse button drag the Pan +Shift press and hold the middle mouse bu...

Raindrops are falling into the pool of OpenGL examples

This is the environment in visual studio 2010 MFC-based realization of raindrops falling into the pool under opengl instance, a shining oh instance, the code is very wide, oh....

Simple MFC Application for openGL (For Practice)

A simple MFC application for openGL, show how use opengl in MFC.This is a small openGL program , it intuitive shows the how use openGL in MFC, and it competed a simple function like Drawing in Windows, as well as shows the basis usage of 2d part of opengl....

Realization of image mosaics

For multiple repetitive edge image stitching, edges can be repeated for multiple images automatically to match image redundant information is removed, and multiple image stitching, used to associate multiple images into one image...

C Point 3D Cloud

vc6.0 + opengl achieve the 3D points...

From depth charts are three dimensional modeling

Good code, and can be run directly, and modeling of three-dimensional depth information obtained from kinect, is compiled and compressed under Linux...

3D OpenGL roaming

It is a roaming system in a 3D scene, it can rotate the Earth freely around the central point. The system is based on OPENGL and MFC frameworks, and loaded the terrain information....

Most classic image segmentation algorithm based on source code

Write modified classical algorithm, works well and can be used for segmentation and detection, high precision, high efficiency, can be executed directly, a simple notes, and can be used as a method of comparison,...

Aquarium Wallpaper

This is a live Wallpaer. Its a simple live wallpaper services for android. this demo describes the live fish moving out of your screen.  Hope this demo helps to create the fish aquarium live wallpaper. its amazing. its not using any of the library....

Source engine 2003

Application background Valve's Source Engine source code. Used some of Valve's titles such as: Half life and Half Life 2    Team Fortress and Team Fortress 2 (alpha) Counter Strike Source I am not liable for any trouble you might get into using this source...

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