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OGL drawing rotated the Earth

This is a Opengl drawing affixed to the rotation of the figure of the Earth, lighting was also added, is ideal for beginners to learn. Code brevity has annotations, the picture is very realistic, and automatic rotation of the Earth, was able to post other pictures into other pretty stars....

Draw an Apple program LOGO

Source using the principle of the Golden Apple LOGO to reappear, original, and the original LOGO is a little different, draw some fat! First contact with OPENGL tried painting with its approach a bit, don't like, try spray Ouch!...

Three dimensional terrain erosion simulation

Effect simulation of terrain based on OpenGL does erosion, terrain surface currents is simulated and the effects of water erosion on the terrain....

shortest distance between a point and 4 lines

Source code ,calculate the distance between a point and a segment ,i'm using Opengl....

graphic project

graphic project to learn how can do animation for teapot by using openGL and doing color effects...

Solid Shaded Basic Objects

this is a code in c++ with opengl that help us to draw Solid_Shaded_Basic_Objects,you can draw cube,teapot,...everything which is a basic shape for a project.i used this for my project which is to design  one room with all of things which are surrounded like a desk,teapot,cup of tea,..hope ever...

Image Tweening

Tweening generates intermediate frames between two images to give the appearance that the first image evolves smoothly into the second image. In this project, Key frames are used to create the illusion of motion. Texturing, spinning, scaling are the techniques used to carry out the procedure of draw...


This program gives you the mirror image of the defined object .You can have the different views and angles of a given object .Try this....

Caustics OpenGL

OpenGL-rendering of Underwater CausticsUnderwater environments look quite different from above-water environments. Think about swimming underwater in a swimming pool. Light hitting the rippling surface of the water creates focusing effects or "caustics" on underwater surfaces (such as the...

Ray-tracing package

Needless to say ray tracing software package this is definitely a good thing. Inside the code a lot can be used as reference...

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