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Ball collision detection between two surfaces

A ball on the surface of the sample program for collision detection, the statement notes after. We all know the game is the basic approach of the collision: rectangle collision, collision of circular and linear collision, collision geometry, pixel collision. the above collision processing methods fr...

3D snowman scenery

VC6.0 OpenGL-based snow effect is very realistic, using mapping technologies, makes the picture even more beautiful, and, in the animation process, insert the dubbing is very suitable for learning OpenGL animations...

OpenGL C ++ open window

Use Microsoft VC ++ 2013, opened with OpenGL window and realize algorithms mock cut layers, instruction glClipPlane (designated want tangent plane) example shows....

Scan line filling

Written in OpenGL VC++ document scan line filling procedures. Implements a polygon, the circular drawing shape, such as the scan line filling. There are several fill styles to choose from, can control the fill color and a brush of color....

OpenGL development libraries

Develop OpenGL programs to the database file, the library is full and downloaded the installation after an online tutorial to configure the environment for OpenGL application development!...

OpenGL-based Demoscene

Use ESC to end the show. Program consists of three main parts, Particle, procedural texture algorithms using <span algorithm for style="font-family:"font-size:10.5pt;">Perlin Noise...

Set the image's grayscale

Introduces c # through the color image gray processing digital images in 3 ways, Bitmap and BitmapData and Graphics classes are c # image processing 3 important categories.Bitmap provided for working with images defined by pixel data object methods and properties are as follows:GetPixel and SetPixel...

Polygon filling

In computer graphics, polygon-filling code, Pro-testing is available, in the openGL tests to pass. For polygon filling could be more to their needs....

Tutorial10- skeletal animation

Application backgroundThis routine shows how to create a skeletal animation, some people call the skin animation is defined as follows:Currently there are two ways of model animation: vertex animation and skeletal animation. In the vertex animation, each frame of animation is actually a "snapshot" o...

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