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Raindrops are falling into the pool of OpenGL examples

This is the environment in visual studio 2010 MFC-based realization of raindrops falling into the pool under opengl instance, a shining oh instance, the code is very wide, oh....

Simple MFC Application for openGL (For Practice)

A simple MFC application for openGL, show how use opengl in MFC.This is a small openGL program , it intuitive shows the how use openGL in MFC, and it competed a simple function like Drawing in Windows, as well as shows the basis usage of 2d part of opengl....

Source engine 2003

Application background Valve's Source Engine source code. Used some of Valve's titles such as: Half life and Half Life 2    Team Fortress and Team Fortress 2 (alpha) Counter Strike Source I am not liable for any trouble you might get into using this source...

Image display

Draw a sequence of images to a window, which is first initialized with OpenGL.A window handle is passed as the parameter for image display....

.3ds file to .h c++ header

convert 3ds files to c++ head file.Sure, all you need is the 3DS standard. I'm not sure if this sounds simplistic but understand that I don't know what everyone's level of understanding is. The 3D file must contain a list of vertices and faces, otherwise it has nothing to load in to a program. It do...

Draws the illumination color four pyramid

  Draw a Pyramid and add lighting effects to color: Pyramid edge length is 2; Pyramid vertex color; the center of the Pyramid (1,2,3), requires the use of a variety of light including ambient light, such as specular and diffuse light, the reflection of light can be controlled through objects an...

Mass-spring classic woven

Created in VC6.0 MFC cloth simulation based on mass-spring simulation, including collisions, the gravitational force. In VC +, soft tissue, game development, has the very big help....

Video stitching

Implemented using C++, video splicing programs, implement camera stitching of the overlapping exposure area. Sample is implemented in both pictures, similar in actual use, can see two cameras video data as dynamic images to stitch currently only bmp format picture mosaic...

OpenGL 3 shader demo

Demonstrates the using of Phong,Toon and text three shader, realize the perspective switches and steering as well as mobile, using an external file maps, as well as indoor lighting demo...

opengl pickup and choose

The code for opengl picking up functionality. It is demo to help to understand the picking up code. Good for beginers...

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