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Image display

Draw a sequence of images to a window, which is first initialized with OpenGL.A window handle is passed as the parameter for image display....

Rubber band zooming functionality

 Hi everybody,    I am venkat, I am new comer to OpenGl. How to implement Rubber band zoomig functonality in Opengl with c++. I am trying to do that, but I am confusing how to implement....

ass in your ass

Hey everyone, wazz up? :D dsaasda sa dsa sdf dgrs htdyjyfkyfag\ R EWA TERS TRHRG43TG 4  43R3 43 F DZGDGR RR R  YHY  d DD VC  VC ff  bv hghgf dsfsdffdrfdg  dcdc gfgfc fr hr . . . 4r..5r .hf. f, hr ez 3445. t4r y.r65 . .65 .65 5 .65 .y56 .s .yewza.frw.RWFEMWAK...

dual BVH player

i will make dual BVH player for each control through communication. but this source is only play dual BVH file. In detect of human motion, this software use very importent structure....

Three dimensional terrain erosion simulation

Effect simulation of terrain based on OpenGL does erosion, terrain surface currents is simulated and the effects of water erosion on the terrain....

Image Tweening

Tweening generates intermediate frames between two images to give the appearance that the first image evolves smoothly into the second image. In this project, Key frames are used to create the illusion of motion. Texturing, spinning, scaling are the techniques used to carry out the procedure of draw...


This program gives you the mirror image of the defined object .You can have the different views and angles of a given object .Try this....

Racer Game

Version 2 of the game was made in collaboration with phinfinity. This version presents a split-screen 2 player mode and boasts dynamic lighting with day and night effects! :D...

Polygon and Circle Animation

1.       Plot an n-gon of radius5 in a viewport of width = 200 and height = 200. Initial left and bottom of theviewport would be 50 and 50. Screen width and height are 640 and 480. Initialnumber of sides of the n-gon would be 3. When drawing the n-gon set the colorsaccording the value...


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