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File Transfer System

Transfer file from one location to another remote location using TCP client and server protocol.You to give IP of remote pc to transfer files with high speed and also showing the progress bar for transfer.After transferring file transfer complete dialog message will pop at screen of user...

Socket Communications (TCP,UDP)

Include TCP and UDP communications code, message server-side client-side code used to transmit instructions to achieve end-to-end, regularly sent sent multiple times, one way to communicate with computers on your network. Socket library functions provided by the application by calling the system ver...

Androw WiFi mobile phone with PC socket communications

Compressed package describes the laptop connection Sockets network programming examples, pictures and the truth, is the basis of phones and computers to control each other, each acting as a server, client, contains two major aspects of the TCP,UDP is described in detail....

Client Server Programming

Compile the server and client programs separately. Before compiling change the IP address in both programs to match that of your machine (NOTE : to get your IP address  run 'ipconfig' from the command prompt in Windows NT/2000 m/c's)When the server program is run, it will indicate at which IP i...

Chat P2P java netbean

Chat P2P in LAN.Write by java netbeansingle chat, groupchat...File transfer.(**) Each peer will create a fixed port to listen for requests from other peer. IP and port parameters of each peer will be notified to perform the function add friend feature, send a chat request ... When don...

UDP LAN chat tool

UDP LAN chat tool, notes:  runs twice when you run a client-side and server-side, when run, to change the IP address....

TCP socket programming Communications

Implementation of TCP communication, the server waits for a client to connect, after successful client end of the connection sends a fixed string to the client, after completing the communications, close to establish socket. Program is simple is the entry-level socket programming source code,if &nbs...

Internet chat rooms

Establishment of a client/server architecture, establishing how to implement client-server.   Through server-side socket bind host IP, waits for a client to connect.   Server clients open up a thread for each connection.   Notifications now chat customers, XXX online. &...

TcpRouter asynchronous Socket write c # programs

C # source code for monitoring a port forwarded to the specified IP port of another computer. Generally used for people who are familiar with C # to use, can be freely modified to meet the needs of a programming environment....

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