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MFC based on WinPcap capture program

Using WinPcap network capture program can parse the common network protocol packets, and is very handy for learning network programming and network debugging. On this basis, you can develop your own Web tools...

Windows based Socket MFC programming chat room function

Application backgroundThis program is composed of two parts of server and client.. Among them:The server starts, in the specified port listening and waiting for a client to connection (join in the chat room) request, and will receive from the client's text (ChAT) information and the server sends its...

LAN chat system based on Qt

Application backgroundLAN chat system based on Qt, LAN chat, file transfer, change fonts, save chat records and other functions, for the study of Qt, the study of local area network communication has a strong learning value.Key TechnologyUdpSocket = QUdpSocket new (this);Port = 45454;UdpSocket->...


Application background    STM32F107 protocol based on TCP/IP, the development of the C/S protocol, the mode of communication program, through the CAN bus to read the data from the lower layer, and then reported to the client, it is the orthodox application,...

Network serial port communication and virtual serial port

Application backgroundWINDOWS under TCP, UDP as a client or service to carry out the message testing, RS232 serial packet test, virtual serial port...

Sample code (SDK interface) in the middle control background verification

Application backgroundAbout the fingerprint machine network verification   SDK; RIS use example, using dephi programming, the specific implementation from the database to achieve 1:1 and 1:N comparison of the code. Through the TCP and UDP and terminal fingerprint communication, as well as the re...

Computer network programming technology \ basic chapter \ seventh chapter IPv6 packet encapsulation and address generation program

Application backgroundThe message contains only the package of IPv6 header,Operating system: Windows  XP  SP2Development language: C++Compile environment: MS  Visual  C++6.0...

UDP transfer files

Use UDP Socket transfer files. 2G document about five minutes or so, has been carefully tested....

TCP port scanner

Host for open ports scan LAN classes, survival recorded in tree controls form the host's IP address, open ports, MAC addresses, host names, then save it to the database, the database is SQLITE, next time feel free to scan query history records, multi-threaded scanning, but it is not very fast. With...

cccam dst cccam webmin

cccam module for webmin het werkt als trein die vertrekt  probeer maar uit een zeg het maar...

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