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Ethernet frame parser

n Development of a Analysis of Ethernet frames The program, do the following: analytical Have been packaged Ethernet V2.0 Frame encapsulation file ( See annex ), Judge How many frames, each frame of the contents of all the fields, test CRC Verify the Right. n 要求: (1) allow...

LAN IP address scanning

Can scan IP addresses within a domain, running in the Windows operating system, can scan IP address is limited to the Windows operating system...

Based on TCP Socket communication

Based on TCP Socket communication, c language, the development environment is VC6.0. Contains the server and client, and instructions for use in the compression package....

VC++MFC TCP_SOCKET simple TCP transport protocol, you can add you on this extended features like

I have written the most simple TCP_SOCKET transfer protocols, helps Beginners learn SOCKET programming, a glimpse into the mysteries of the SOCKET! I hope all of you to help!...

C++ UDP communication broadcasting source code

Two MFC source code for C++ UDP communication broadcasting project, a broadcast to send data, receive data, first test code, vs2010 test passes, the code you have written, just start WinsockNovice programming can refer to, welcome to download, please correct me, learn from each other, thank you!...

VC + email

VC++ program to send and receive e-mail, set the POP and SMTP server addresses can be realized in local receiving e-mail messages for the specified account, or you can send mail, in simple terms, realizes the function of local view to receive, send, Email, can you expand some more, for example, coup...

TcpListener and TcpClient, and socket getting started

Tcp Listener and Tcp Client and TCP protocols for socket to achieve the double communication,  solved threads dealing with part of the book's errors....

simplex mode under linux voice chat

Using UDP transmission, the server accepts voice and play, the client sends to the server-side speech  acquisition. In the LAN can achieve a simple voice communications. Audio OSS framework adopted under  Linux, the code easy to understand....

rudp :Simple Reliable UDP。

This is the Simple Reliable UDP project ("rudp")This project is hosted by The project team describes it as:An object-oriented implementation of a reliable, in-order, transport protocol over UDP based on the Internet Draft by Bova, Krivoruchka, and Cisco Systems (1999) titl...

Proxy server written in Erlang

The browser's proxy server ip into the lower end of the current slogan for 1500, running to change the code, request a web page on the browser will be able to see the command line has an output Erlang. .How it works: the browser will request to port 1500 through a proxy server, proxy server parsed t...

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