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Mfc_telnet program

mfc write under their own telnet program, C ++ single document, fast, easy to learn, if further development is also possible, for a little basic programming enthusiasts...

ALMI :Application-level Multicast Infrastructure

LMI: Application-level Multicast Infrastructure Sherlia Shi ( Department of Computer Science, Washington University in St. Louis USA Please report bugs and suggestions to...

Heartbeat detection

Gauge (equipment, processes, or other network elements) is normal operation, periodically send simple communications package is generally used if the other response is not received within a specified time period, each has been pawned. Exception that is used to detect TCP disconnect.-Reason online ca...

Simple FTP client

A Visual C++ to write the FTP port, full management capabilities. You can add, delete, and modify the connection. Supports resuming. Code integrity....


Under Windows platform libghttpLibghttp HTTP library is a very good, the library is easy to use, it can easily implement synchronous and asynchronous Http requestsLibghttp Linux ported to Win32 platform, HTTP protocol client code...

P2P communication module, client and server

A c++ P2P chat, file transfer implementation code is divided into client and server-side, for beginners guide...

SOCKET encapsulation classes

Packaged network socket TCP library, after validation of the project, can be direct successor, as server or client can....

Simple SIPUA source code

A simple SIP Terminal, do not rely on any library, written in pure c, learning and adaptation, reportedly registered (not certified) and full call process signaling, call the audio drivers are older versions of Linux, suitable for embedded development...

Wifi sharing code

IFI www file share Pro is a perfect solution for Windows systems, Wi-Fi settings, achieving notebook (or a wireless card desktop) virtual AP software to share Internet access, so no wireless users, one-click easy laptop into a WiFi hotspot and enjoy the WiFi network....

Java simulation of Sina weibo landing crawl data

Using the Java language and simulation of landing crawling Sina weibo microblog interesting data for later analysis...

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