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Real-time voice communication system based on RTP

RTP-based real-time voice chat, using ADPCM compression/* comm.h - Communication input/output modules * * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it * under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free * Software Foundation; either version 2...

Epoll write blocking client, server

Epoll on Linux 2.6 kernels introduced, replacing the previous select/poll model that adequately support large concurrent network program under Linux....

MFC file transfer

The use of MFC c++ prepared, compiled in the VS2010, two machines, two computers can be used as a server and a client. The two machines must first open the software, enter the IP address of the target machine, of course, if the machine can directly input, select a file to be transmitted, c...

Windows based Socket MFC programming chat room function

Application backgroundThis program is composed of two parts of server and client.. Among them:The server starts, in the specified port listening and waiting for a client to connection (join in the chat room) request, and will receive from the client's text (ChAT) information and the server sends its...

C# write their own web browser code

Application backgroundIf you want to use C# to write a web browser, can refer to the code, this project is developed on VS2012, so it can be used to open VS2012 or higher version, the code to achieve the basic functions of the browser, the browser has the standard address access, forward and backwar...

VC++ UDP protocol transmission file

Application backgroundUDP file transfer, packet loss, VC++ code, hope can contribute, for the peopleKey TechnologyVC++ uses the UDP protocol transfer file (no packet loss), I hope the network programming can use to get...

MFC video surveillance

Application backgroundApplied to the field of video surveillance, can achieve JPEG image viewerKey TechnologyUsing socket programming to achieve video transmission, MFC achieve real-time monitoring of the client...

FTP client cross platform

Application backgroundYou can use the Apache server, the server will do the appropriate settings. This is open source code, easy to modify, code easy to use, you can according to their own needs, do the appropriate changes to achieve the file upload and download, and supports cross platformKey Techn...

Network serial port communication and virtual serial port

Application backgroundWINDOWS under TCP, UDP as a client or service to carry out the message testing, RS232 serial packet test, virtual serial port...

C # WPF write multithreading TCP UDP communication program

Application backgroundUsing C# WPF VS2010 written in multi thread network communication examples, including three complete VS2010 client, server, UDP can directly compile and run, very suitable for beginners....

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