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VB call WebService source code

The source code use VB development, call Webservice communication.Codeing is use VB developed it, can call WebService and  The; communication....

Test network environment

Iperf is a network performance test tools. Iperf tests maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth performance. Iperf has a variety of parameters and UDP characteristics, you can adjust as needed. Iperf reports bandwidth, latency jitter and packet loss. There are two version of Iperf, UNIX/Linux and Windows...

Chat program using UDP

This is a chat program using UDP. It is done using Java socket programming. The client and server connected over a network can perform chat using this program. UDP is a connectionless protocol. It sends data as datagram packets. The class that supports UDP socket is DatagramSocket which is in th...

Screen broadcast

Using the DirectShow technology to develop audio and video live broadcast system, can be used in networked electronic classroom teaching. -Use DirectShow technology development of audio and video broadcast systems, can be used for network teaching electronic classroom....


Winsock_2网络编程实用教程及源码 内容   \第二章 //本章经编译后的可执行文件 \SimpleClient   //在该文件夹中存放了本章所举实例的源程序 \Res //本章所对应的资源文件 \SimpleServer //在该文件夹中存放了本章所举...

ftp client

FTP client under Linux, c, GCC compilation; realization of file upload and download, resuming; technical point: waiting for processes, interprocess communication, pipes, soket programming standard library functions and system calls, file I/O, file permission management...

VC resuming of source code

VC resuming of source code, can support a local area network, 2G a data breakpoint transmission, are all good examples, can also be added directly to your own projects, either directly using!!!!...


$Id: Changelog.txt,v 1.95 2009/10/30 09:18:18 nanard Exp $ miniUPnP client Changelog. VERSION 1.4 : released 2009/10/30 2009/10/16:   using Py_BEGIN_ALLOW_THREADS and Py_END_ALLOW_THREADS in python module. 2009/10/10:   Some fixes for compilation under Solaris   com...

Mobile SMS messaging gateway code

Message sent when an informal version, because there is no version, so you can upload. May need to look at....

Sharpcap-network caught

SharpPcap is Tamir Gal specially for. Net development environment to write packet capture framework, it is perfect combination of core component Winpcap and Windows networking functions. The Assembly inherited Winpcap overtook Winpcap and it uses message mechanism, most vividly of the advantages of...

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