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104 IEC60870-5-104 Statute

5-104 远动设备及系统传输规约 处理 源码 源码只对应 1 RTU。代码有一些小错误,自行修改一下。...

TCP implementation of P2P communication, TCP through NAT method, TCP holes

line through TCP NAT (ie TCP holes) introductory article, but unfortunately I did not find the relevant source code can refer to, I use their spare time to write a TCP can be achieved through the NAT, so that different private network host a direct source code TCP communication....

Socket asynchronous communication module

Asynchronous C++ network communications module, using completion routines of Audacity, asynchronous communications, tested code is entirely feasible, highly efficient...


Is a program written in cocos2d and socket socket, can communicate, cocos2d is more popular recently, you can do a lot of special effects, and it is an open source free engine, very good. Recommended!...

Simple examples of Qt image network transmission

size:14px;">该代码演示了,如何利用QTcpSocket QTcpServer进行网络通信;如何从服务器端获取图像数据,在网间传输图像,最后在客户端接收,并显示。代码的重点在于,它演示了一个基本的流程,涉及到的也只是最粗浅的内容,如果...

Tunnels P2P source, client and Server source code, C++ to write

space:nowrap;">P2P打洞源码,客户端和服务器源码,C++编写,很好的学习p2P的资料。一套纯c++实现的p2p典范,是学习c++编码的经典之作。 无论编码格式,风格,还是对c++各种语法,模板的使用都非常详细。 不可多得的好代码,打开...

Stun server and client

Simple stun server and client program based on C++, for the detection of different types of NAT between the client and the server. Based on c + + simple stun server and the client program, used to detect the different NAT types between client and server....

VC + email

family:Verdana, Tahoma;font-size:14px;line-height:22px;text-indent:28px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">VC++编程实现收发电子邮件,设置SMTP服务器和POP地址,可实现在本地接收指定帐户的电子邮件,也可以发送邮件,简单来说,实现了本地查...

Arm+Qt implementation of TCP communication program

space:nowrap;">这个源代码是arm+ qt实现的tcp通信程序,里面有完整注释。欢迎大家下载、试用。谢谢大家的支持!...

Network traffic monitor program (C++)

space:nowrap;">网络流量监控程序(C++):此代码是基于VC++实现的网络流量控制系统,是一个比较完善的系统,有很好的可用 性,拿来与大家分享,大家可以参考代码做自己想要的功能。...

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