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Full TCP/IP Socket C++ multithreaded network code, with overtime and other security detection

Full TCP/IP Socket C++ multithreaded network code, with overtime and other security detection. Encapsulated interface classes in the form of call is very convenient, both server and client functionality, reducing the complexity of the code. In the form of a function pointer to a callback, in the nam...

DES encryption communication

Using socket to write server-side and client, enable both communication. Program is written in c++, code no redundancy, straightforward reference for beginners. Running, running server-side first, and then run the client-side, and mutual information in server-side and client-side communication...

Simple examples of Qt image network transmission

This code demonstrates how network communications using QTcpSocket QTcpServer; how to get image data from a server-side, in the net to transfer images between last client receives and displays. Code point is that it shows a basic process that involves only the most superficial elements of, if you ar...

Expand the rtmpdump library, support h264, AAC release

Application backgroundThe library I do a certain sound development, can be used to do video broadcast of the uplink and downlink module, before it is applied to the video communityKey TechnologyH264AACRTMP...

MFC SOCKET program written

This is a SOCKET using MFC program, you can achieve the basic communication. very suitable new reference Communicate the program only on a single machine, because the IP of my server IP is the loop. Can implement multiple client programs communicate through ports to identify the client,...

HTTP packet filtering

http packet filtering can be used to implement parental control. Lsp using technology to intercept WSPSend, WSPRecv functions. Data analysis and replacement....

Arm+Qt implementation of TCP communication program

The source code is arm+ Qt implementation of TCP communications program , with full notes. Welcome to download and try. Thank you all for your support!...

Your FTP client written in standard C++

Program written in C++ standard agreements, according to the standard FTP protocol, using socket programming, the FTP client, that runs under Linux with the Windows down....

TCP Server-Client Library

Packaged for TCP server and client, is extremely practical, with very high reference value...

MFC based on WinPcap capture program

Using WinPcap network capture program can parse the common network protocol packets, and is very handy for learning network programming and network debugging. On this basis, you can develop your own Web tools...

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