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Point to point latency measurement procedures

C language to write of point-to-point time delay measurement procedures. Delay measurement accuracy: subtle. A server, a client, using a connection-oriented protocol. Measuring principle: client sent a message to the server to record at this point of time, information and return a message received b...

LAN chat room

Application backgroundThis is the LAN based chat rooms, belonging to the group chat, open the server, using the servers to transmit messages between the client, to achieve multi LAN chat, private chat yet to achieve, please forgive meKey TechnologySocket network programming, the use of input and out...

Host state detection

Application backgroundYou can traverse the configuration file to configure the IP, Ping, through the detection, know the current host network state, the general use of certain computers or servers in the LAN, network connection is normal.Key TechnologyIGMP technology, through the PING detection, acc...



Mail receiving and dispatching system

Sending and receiving is divided into two parts, write better, very suitable for curriculum design or something, if need be, make your own download, if necessary can be downloaded multiple times....


ENET imitation of an orderly and reliable over the UDP TCP network transmission....

Scan local device port

Scanning the local area network, and enumerate each host root port...

network sniffer

The software has three modules1. Capture network packets, port traffic detection process2. The double-buffered graphics, quantitative analysis of the traffic3. Since the painted area buttons, customize their regional context...

How to call a Web Service asynchronously program

Network communication program, asynchronous procedure calls WEB SERVICECan be used to learn about the study or work, VS programming environment has been tested,...

Smart Lab System

At Server Side:Takescreenshots of Client to monitor what Client actually doing.SystemShutdown....


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