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Point to point latency measurement procedures

C language to write of point-to-point time delay measurement procedures. Delay measurement accuracy: subtle. A server, a client, using a connection-oriented protocol. Measuring principle: client sent a message to the server to record at this point of time, information and return a message received b...

Small examples of multicast

Learning Sockets network programming, are good examples of multicast programming, there is a certain significance, with send and receive programs and send a separate definition of the contents of a class...

LAN chat room

Application backgroundThis is the LAN based chat rooms, belonging to the group chat, open the server, using the servers to transmit messages between the client, to achieve multi LAN chat, private chat yet to achieve, please forgive meKey TechnologySocket network programming, the use of input and out...

Mail system application

Application background  you can send mail to the network. Embedded in some systems, the time or set time to send information to the mailbox, you can remote viewing, eliminating the trouble of sending mail manually....Key TechnologySMTP c++, network communication, mail systemWith C++ development...

Host state detection

Application backgroundYou can traverse the configuration file to configure the IP, Ping, through the detection, know the current host network state, the general use of certain computers or servers in the LAN, network connection is normal.Key TechnologyIGMP technology, through the PING detection, acc...

Simple client and server

Application backgroundSimple code, the basic realization of the connection between the client and the server, with multi thread, the use of socket network programming technology, the code is simple, suitable for the initial contact with the network programming learning...

Mail instance

Application backgroundNet mail sending module, I pro test available, welcome to download...

Use certificate to establish SSL security connection

Application backgroundSocket connection, the use of SSL to establish a secure channel, the transmission data, including the compression including client and server and related certificates.Directory structure:Used to generate a CA cert to generate a sub cert from CA




#include <string.h> #include "wtcTest.h" #include "IsmpCrmEngineSoapBinding.nsmap" char * reqPackType[REQ_PACK_NUM] = {"dgwtc.xml", "tdwtc.xml"}; SpTalk * fwdSp; char            logFilePath[512] = {0};    //log file path FILE    ...


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