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VC++ Access system hardware information ... including the CPU, BOIS, memory, hard drives, etc., have a good reference for learning the value of...


virtual memory, the use vc++ for the virtual memory management, the procedure is vc development Daquan inside the source code, can be a friend to learn a detailed explanation. Xi Road friend here can be downloaded to look at....

MS dos6.22完整源代码!相信有很多研究操作系统的朋友需要.

MS dos6.22 integrity of the source code! I believe a lot of study of the operating system needs a friend. Oh...

Kithara open source code

Apply kithara starter, window-based kernel and EtherCAT development control procedures, controllers embedded in the Windows kernel, no external controllers, cost savings...

Windows core programming 5th edition (PDF) and the Source

Windows core programming 5th edition (PDF) and the Source .windows core programming is to explain the internal mechanisms of the Windows operating system, a monograph. Starting from the basic concept of a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the Windows underlying implementation mechanisms,...

Win32 kernel programming

Suitable for beginners to learn Windows kernel programming, content 1-15, covering almost all of the content. All window messages, and study notes, learning MFC can look at...

C++ completion port

Application backgroundComplete port steps:Create complete port. Call the CreateIoCompletionPort () function to create a completion portCreate a working thread (number according to the number of processors in the system). These threads are specifically designed to communicate with the client.Access c...

-density population flow model

Based on a simple cellular automata space limit high-density population flow model...

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