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用vc 开发的一个explorer的例程源代码,以供参考

vc development with the routines of an explorer source code for reference...


crash tracking system, the software can automatically generate collapse minidump record collapse and system configuration (system versions, hardware, included in the DLL, etc.) and the collapse of firms such as source code and prompts sent to the original author....


Full implementation of these documents train inquiries, ticketing system, including source code and database system...

WinXP system and it comes with exactly the same functionality and interface are...

WinXP system and it comes with exactly the same functionality and interface are the same, but different development language, the system is written in C, it is written in DELPHI The main implementation of this process the application check list system, check system for all process-related inform...


MATLAB simulation of useful source code and tutorials, a lot of exchange of exhibitions Oh...

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