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PCIe wdf8.1 driver source code

This code has been verified to run, and under VS2013+WDK8.1+win764bit, PCIE driver...

RSA algorithm C language

This is the RSA algorithm in C language, tested and workable, welcome to download and try....

Windows下通过WinIO驱动,通过SMBUS读取内存的SPD信息。目前支持Intel ICHx / ATI SB400,600 / SIS692 /nFo...

Windows driver through WinIO through SMbus read the SPD memory information. Currently supports the Intel ICHx/ATI SB400, 600/SIS692/nForce CK804/VIA xxx Series South Bridge....

VC 7.0编写,采用WMI接口,获取主板、CPU、硬盘、内存等的序列号(SerialNumber)或标识(ID)...

VC 7.0编写,采用WMI接口,获取主板、CPU、硬盘、内存等的序列号(SerialNumber)或标识(ID)...

Screen screen recorded the original code

Application backgroundSupport desktop screen, you can also specify the area, you want to record the area of the screen, save the video file as the standard AVI, can be extended to video conferencing, video chat, pure C + + code, good readability, clear structure....

鼠标记录器 作者: 小卢 blog:

Mouse recorder Author: Lu small mail: blog: welcome to contact the common study! Function: mouse behavior record, replay code: 1. CXPButton interface used a series of menus and buttons, the document cited has HyperLink.cpp, HyperLink.h, XPButton, XPBut...


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