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Virtual printer source code development process, all free download, and ensure the normal use of...

Handwritten digit recognition system, VC++

Handwritten numeral recognition system .vcprojThis is the main project file using the "Application Wizard" generated by the VC ++ project. It contains information about the generated files Visual C ++ version of the information, and information about using the "Application Wizard"...

Hook code bypasses all user-level

Bypasses all user-level hook, hook-related technical, involves core Windows programming, the code is generic, suitable for anyone interested in studying this aspect or that aspect...

Obtaining BIOS information

This mainly through the SMBIOS to obtain BIOS information, which uses WMI, this program to bypass hardware of the drive to get more information, interested persons can load down, study...

C++ completion port

Application backgroundComplete port steps:Create complete port. Call the CreateIoCompletionPort () function to create a completion portCreate a working thread (number according to the number of processors in the system). These threads are specifically designed to communicate with the client.Access c...

Condor BusTools

Condor BusTools-1553-API.rar source code...

Virtual serial port can be three, and specify the remote server IP and port, ser...

Virtual serial port can be three, and specify the remote server IP and port, serial No. unrestricted...

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