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OpenCV for image correction

Edges by canny, Hough transform image edges and edge features based on A4 paper, using cross product is the way of the edge, maps and pictures in the paper to a piece of A4 paper. Actual effect is to a picture of the deformation of the A4 paper is extracted into a normal sized piece of A4 paper...

Pupil Tracking


Implement And Run Xgraph

This example will help to learn how Xgraph is code and run in ns2. Through this example makes you comfort to code and run.    ...

Round Robin scheduling threadcb

Application background To implement CPU scheduling on the OSP2 simulator. You will implement the methods in module and the single method do_handleInterrupt()in to further your understanding of CPU scheduling.  Key Technolo...

DSDT Source Mac os


cloud memory

cloud memory optimizer:              We can do optimize of ram memory from cloud, this code illustrates how to optimize the ram from cloud. This code only contains code for communication between cloud and host pc...


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