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Linux kernel timers

Timer setting, to help us get an application execution time. You can help us observe the experiment is complex algorithm's time degreePractice how to write kernel call time measurement capabilities for measuring and precision timing applications, through this experiment: You can learn more about tim...

24C02 read and write examples

Application backgroundI2C analog communication, I2C standard protocol, can be used for SFP module and I2C communication protocol communication equipment, can be online.Key TechnologyI2C simulation programming, suitable for C language and MCU learning, the example of the microcontroller is C8051F340,...

UVM code for the integration of the system

Application backgroundUVM code for UBUS. This is Completely Explains how to Built the Verification Environment Using UVM with System Verilog Language. This will helps you out to Understand the Complete Verification Environment using UVM.Key Technology ASIC Verification Techniques which are Very Us...


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