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VB chat video

Through the end of the store to select the start to determine color, legend of a folder and deleted after a return to health and a healthy and vkjdfnkjkjn;k alone the army sees computer; see space controls this year you can see your space room...

fpga vga controller design

I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from the NERP FPGA workshop we did a couple weeks back.  There were a few people who asked me to post the Verilog code that went along with the two demos we did.  I added comments to the Verilog files in an attempt to clear up a lot of the stuff we c...

Cuda language vectors

This program is an example of Cuda language vectors, by the basic syntax for this example you can learn Cuda format, ...

Fox matrix calculation

a simple implementation of Fox algorithm,one element per process.  In a full implementation A, B, C, Twill be submatrices....

Oscilloscope code

Oscilloscope source code, the effect of good, dlo1w1dsc hhjhsdf sfdssd fsdhsdfhsdj eewrew erewrewr dsfefh dsdewh...

Sort vector elements

This program is applied parallel sorting algorithm Betchera.  This algorithm belongs to a group of parallel sorting, the main difference between these algorithms is the possibility of parallel (simultaneous) act on sorting numerical data sets. class MyParSort   Class void Setup   Fu...

Comparison between serial and parallel computing

A visit to the neighborhood PC retail store provides ample proof that we are in the multi-core era. The key differentiator among manufacturers today is the number of cores that they pack onto a single chip. The clock frequency of commodity processors has reached its limit, however, and is likely...

Fluid Simulation for Video Games, part 3

Vortex Particle Fluid Simulation This article, the third in a series, presents a fluid simulation implemented in C++ that runs in real time using modest and commonly available computer hardware. The first article summarized fluid dynamics; the second surveyed fluid simulation techniques....

Fluid Simulation for Video Games, part 5

Profiling and Optimization This article, the fifth in a series, describes the profiling and optimization of a fluid simulation, presented in the third and fourth articles. The first article summarized fluid dynamics; the second surveyed fluid simulation techniques; and the third and fourth pr...

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