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Cuda implementation for matrix inversion

based realization of matrix inversion function for This package contains a symmetric positive definit inverting a matrixusing a GPU. For usage, see the example in testspd.cpp.Also, general block matrix inversion through Gaussianelimination (without pivotting). See testge.cpp for example usage.Note:...

Hotel management System

Free Download Project Online Reservation System in Php with My Sql.hear Online Hotel reservation System Project with complate source code. The project Hotel Management System is used for maintaining the information for each and every customer. Each and every customer has own personal details...

CUDA implementation of H.264 codec, the parallel algorithm

family:Helvetica, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:26px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">H.264编解码的CUDA实现,并行加速算法,内部实现了H.264视频编解码的CUDA实现,能够编译通过,已经过测试,并且还添加了注释信息。...

Fluid Simulation for Video Games, part 3

image004.jpg" /> Vortex Particle Fluid Simulation This article, the third in a series, presents a fluid simulation implemented in C++ that runs in real time using modest and commonly available computer hardware. The first article summarized fluid dynamics; the second surveyed fluid simu...

HADOOP3 development tutorial

space:nowrap;"> hadoop是apache的开源项目,开发的主要目的是为了构建可靠,可拓展scalable,分布式的系统,hadoop是一系列的子工程的总和,其中包含。 1. hadoop common:为其他项目提供基础设施 2. HDFS:分布式的文件系统...


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