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Used in mobile robot path planning Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Mobile robot path planning based on improved ant colony algorithm to solve the problem of low efficiency robot path selection, the algorithm of the traditional ant colony algorithm is improved, the construction process, including solution, pheromone update process, the basic idea is that the ants in...

Matrix of GPU CUDA SOR

Relaxation) 又名逐次超松弛法,是解决微分方程的一种通用算法,主要应用在解决拉普拉斯方程、肥皂泡形状等的问题上。本程序使用CUDA来实现sor,并且包含两种方法,一种是单一block运算整个矩阵,每个thread运算矩阵中的一个方...

TSP problem based on genetic algorithm


Multithreading applications in win32

size:16px;">Multithreadingapplications in win32. source code in C for programming windows levelapplication in multithread environment. Very good book for multithreadin windows systems....

Parallelizing Morph algorithm using C#

space:nowrap;"> -Overview: Morphs two images outputting the result as a sequence of bitmaps or a movie clip. -Hardware requirement: This sample requires DirectX 11 capable card, if none detected sample will use DirectX 11 Reference Emulator. -Software requirement: Install Visual Stud...


align:center;"> 如何在MFC中调用CUDA 环境:     Windows Vista SP1 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 CUDA 2.0 步骤: 1.       创建一个对话框的MFC程序...

Blend Images

A demo of very simple image manipulation using a Parallel.For loop.  The application allows the user to load up two images and blends them together into a single, new image.         ...

Cuda language vectors



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