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Parallel task energy saving scheduling algorithm based on adaptive threshold in homogeneous DVS cluster

Application backgroundAt present, the parallel task scheduling algorithm design has become a research hotspot of the cluster system energy efficiency. Energy saving existing duplication based scheduling algorithm using threshold performance and energy balance system, but a random set of threshold ca...

Reads the parameter file

#include<stdio.h> #define NUMBER 4 void main( ) { int i=1; float f0,dt,dx,dz; int mx,mz,ntmax,pml,sou_x,sou_z,rec_start,rec_end,rec_int,rec_depth; char shotID[5],record_pp[30],vp_name[30],rou_name[30],mig_name[30],mig_pyt_name[30],mig_udlf_name[40],shuoming[30]; FILE *fp,*f; /*&...

online cloud based food safty

Nowadays people have become enthusiastic researchers about several types food recipes around the globe. They log onto several websites to get favourite cuisines and styles. Apart from Chinese, Thai and Italian , Indian food has a wide  varieties  in its cusines. Indian food is so much s...

Graduate DSP laboratory

Main purpose of this experiment is familiar with VISUALDSP++ The development environment. ADSP-TS201, c, andC++ , and assembly language written in simple examples to describe the VISUAL DSP++ programming environment and debugger ( Debugger) main features and functionality. Running on other TS20x p...

Target color detection

This simple and somewhat silly application demonstrates using concurrent collections with WPF.  The collections are wrapped with observable facades, such that multiple threads may modify the collections concurrently, and those updates are safely propagated to UI controls....

Saving banks

A relatively complete set of JSP-the teaching of graduation thesis 管理 The system, with a good example of JSP development and realization of a dynamic Web site, describes the J2EE related technologies, such as Servlet,JSP, Struts , Hibernate And so on, and use these techniques to complete a ......

VB chat video

Through the end of the store to select the start to determine color, legend of a folder and deleted after a return to health and a healthy and vkjdfnkjkjn;k alone the army sees computer; see space controls this year you can see your space room...

fpga vga controller design

I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from the NERP FPGA workshop we did a couple weeks back.  There were a few people who asked me to post the Verilog code that went along with the two demos we did.  I added comments to the Verilog files in an attempt to clear up a lot of the stuff we c...

implementation of the multiplication of two double matrices by using MATLAB C-Mex and CUBLAS library

This a package on accerlating MATLAB operation for the multiplication of two double matrices through GPU CUDA. 1.Function of codes: implementation of the multiplication of two double matrices by using MATLAB C-Mex and CUBLAS library. 2.Including files to be compiled and run:...

Task scheduling

This is a task scheduler with a heterogeneous multi-core computing environments, calculate the minimum makespan heterogeneous environment for students to learn research parallel computing...


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