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Online exam system source code

It is written with the sql code for online examination system, hoping to give you some help to play...

Heaven-ⅰ Server Simulator

Using applications written in c+SDK, learn!v0.4.1 Beta United States Edition client matching packages contained within the database...

IIS6 installation configuration graphic tutorial

Application backgroundPHP of course to have a of course to support PHP server, although the LAMP combination is very good, but if you want to set up a PHP, ASP,, ASP.NET, JSP, Web Perl virtual host server, or Windows 2003 with IIS 6 best. Online there are a lot of articles on the configuration of II...

Php/asp local debugging tools

Application backgroundPhp/asp local debugging tools to introduce a lot of friends on the site to modify the php/asp program is not very skilled, because the php/asp file changes in the computer after the modification can not see the effect, so it is generally the modified file after the web site to...

System environment configuration (-X64 bit X32 bit) php5.5-Apache2.4-mysql5.6 environment installation

Application backgroundSystem environment configuration (-X64 bit X32 bit) php5.5-Apache2.4-mysql5.6 environment installationKey TechnologyLearning - build - environment configuration - server is a good helper yo, you will slowly learn....

MySql master-slave monitoring

Application backgroundMySql master-slave monitoringThe configuration file is located in the MySql.Exe.config TXT.Host configurationThe MasterAddress: host IP address or the name of the machine (skip-name-resolve is enabled after the machine name is not used to connect to the server).MasterUserID: ho...

Configer PHP 2 PHP.ini visual configuration GUI interface

Application backgroundConfiger PHP is a tool that can be used to visualize the configuration PHP.ini file, if we manually open the PHP.ini file configuration, the configuration process is very cumbersome, and the novice is not necessarily able to configure the success, as long as the use of this php...

Time running program is not perfect

Application backgroundTime to run other software. Add shortcut to run the folder inside, turn on automatically run. For server automatic backup. Can run exe software, etc..Key TechnologyThe use of clock controls, time to run other software....

Libevent library to achieve timer and server side monitor

Application backgroundLibevent is an event based network library, memcached is also the bottom layer using libevent library.Overall, libevent has the following features and advantages:* event driven, high performance;* lightweight, focus on the network;  * cross platform, support Windows, Linux...

Server server source code

Application backgroundSource is based on the TCP/IP protocol to write a server software, I have been debugging through. Applicable to WINDOWS environment. The client can directly connect and communicate, receive and send data.Key TechnologyTCP/IP communication technology. SERVER technology, multi th...

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