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full-played poker-room source code official web-page - need to translations...

Java-based VoIP server

Mobicent open source SIP server, you can use the restcomm interface to internal communications function to provide a service, is currently the only cloud architecture-based converged communications platform....

RTSP servers use VLC to test to pass. VS2008 to compile.

LIVE555 streaming media streaming media production that version, features such as complete RTSP protocol interactions, RTP transport. By VLC clients can connect to servers and data forwarding. Source code is written in C++, the compiler for VS2008. Students can offer a little help on learning agreem...

Python implementation of the regular script examples of running programs

Python implementation of timed run script examples of programs scheduled to start the server script procedures...

Games swords without server source code

Web game the sword without the server source code. Peerless is a martial arts game the sword, Northern Song dynasty and getting rid of the less story, this code provides additional recharge system GM commands....

Heaven-ⅰ Server Simulator

Using applications written in c+SDK, learn!v0.4.1 Beta United States Edition client matching packages contained within the database...


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