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A search engine

A search engine that can be run in the console, can also be run in Web forms that have been deployed. You can configure in the file Engine.xml on how many Web servers you want to run. Three zip file....

Client 1,2,3, communicating with the server

Enclosed instructions for use and operation. In himself computer Shang while run client 1,2,3, and server communications, but server Shang only a save has client 1,2 number of chain table, client 1,2 in and server communications established Hou, to in himself keyboard Shang type himself name told se...


Application backgroundServer file droiyanBe developed Can sunKey TechnologyThe new version of the sun, ">" \Server.suo.old;< /Event> < ErrorLevel= Event "0" Project= "Server" Source= "Server.vcproj" Description= "Visual" "C++ now supports the secure version of C runtime library. Allow thi...

25us a one click Install

Application backgroundKey TechnologyRecently often see a lot of people do not have a holiday today to set up US, idle and do a version of a key installation. I hope you like!!!There are three collector in the bag.Let's talk about it.First step, Download.Net 4 (Collector to use auxiliary).Net2.0 is t...

Plug-in framework

C++ plug-in model-based development framework, to automatically load in the form so the plugin automatically when the program is run. C++ plug-in model-based development framework, to automatically load in the form so the plugin automatically when the program is run. C++ plug-in model-based developm...

Epoll Server

Test environment: I wrote three paragraphs of code to simulate the server, active client, a dead client, the server runs on a self-compiled kernel 2.6.11 standard system, hardware PIII933, each running two clients on another PC, these two PC server performance is better than the hardware, mainly to...

Simulation division Routers

Based Boson7.03 router and port configuration simulation code.Code file in the attachment, with BOSON open.The first step to load topology, there file attachments, after loading.Step load combination file, click File, Load multi Dvicies configsWill find a .NWC format file can be opened.Con...

Server status monitoring software PB8

In many ways such as using HTTP Protocol Ping command, online timed test server within the corporate local area network running, so that server management....

Network Traffic Analyzer

This analyzer enables you to capture data from continuous streams of network traffic and convert those raw numbers into easy-to-interpret charts and tables that quantify exactly how the corporate network is being used, by whom, and for what purpose. When you manage a network, you need to be pro...

p0ke's Honeyd 1.00.0

p0ke's Honeyd 1.00.0----------------------  NOTICE: This is a undergoing development, so it is possible to contain          bugs. If any bug is discovered, please report to me at           ImInYourFace@hot...


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