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Plug-in framework

C++ plug-in model-based development framework, to automatically load in the form so the plugin automatically when the program is run. C++ plug-in model-based development framework, to automatically load in the form so the plugin automatically when the program is run. C++ plug-in model-based developm...

Simulation division Routers

Based Boson7.03 router and port configuration simulation code.Code file in the attachment, with BOSON open.The first step to load topology, there file attachments, after loading.Step load combination file, click File, Load multi Dvicies configsWill find a .NWC format file can be opened.Con...

Network Traffic Analyzer

This analyzer enables you to capture data from continuous streams of network traffic and convert those raw numbers into easy-to-interpret charts and tables that quantify exactly how the corporate network is being used, by whom, and for what purpose. When you manage a network, you need to be pro...

p0ke's Honeyd 1.00.0

p0ke's Honeyd 1.00.0----------------------  NOTICE: This is a undergoing development, so it is possible to contain          bugs. If any bug is discovered, please report to me at           ImInYourFace@hot...


It's my diploma project.I develop it when i was at univercity. ST's 8-bit microcontroller, STM8S103 integrated applications. Register based operation. Using the IAR compiler platform implementations. Covering timer, PWM, the independent press, digital displays and other integrated applications....

IIS6 installation configuration graphic tutorial

Application backgroundPHP of course to have a of course to support PHP server, although the LAMP combination is very good, but if you want to set up a PHP, ASP,, ASP.NET, JSP, Web Perl virtual host server, or Windows 2003 with IIS 6 best. Online there are a lot of articles on the configuration of II...

MySql master-slave monitoring

Application backgroundMySql master-slave monitoringThe configuration file is located in the MySql.Exe.config TXT.Host configurationThe MasterAddress: host IP address or the name of the machine (skip-name-resolve is enabled after the machine name is not used to connect to the server).MasterUserID: ho...

Time running program is not perfect

Application backgroundTime to run other software. Add shortcut to run the folder inside, turn on automatically run. For server automatic backup. Can run exe software, etc..Key TechnologyThe use of clock controls, time to run other software....

Server server source code

Application backgroundSource is based on the TCP/IP protocol to write a server software, I have been debugging through. Applicable to WINDOWS environment. The client can directly connect and communicate, receive and send data.Key TechnologyTCP/IP communication technology. SERVER technology, multi th...


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