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Send a message

Java implementation to send mail feature,,,,,,,,,,,,, only for beginners to learn ... ... .... Like to download ... .......

Webmail Pro PHP

WebMail Pro PHP is a browser-based e-mail and collaboration front end, designed to work with your existing messaging solutions. From an administrator's perspective, the application is easy to install on your own server, easy to integrate and easy to maintain. Features of WebMail Pro...

android foxmail

This ia an Android program about foxmail.You can modify it and run at android 2.3.First,you must learn about Socket program....

SMTP.dll (dynamic link library)

SMTP dynamic libraries, dynamic libraries used in the mailing process, there is a detailed code, interface is simple without having to document their study can be used, the performance is stable. -smtp dynamic library, mail sent to the process of making DLL containing a detailed code, simple interfa...

Secure PHP MySQL email verification

The powerfull PHP email verification service with MySQL connection. It can be integrated to all CMS platforms....

Local debugging SMTP server (Python)

This is the SMTP server written in python. It is designed for local debugging programs that use the SMTP function,  like mail sending function of GAE....

SMTP Mail sending

This is my SMPT Mail sending project. Am configure this is for Gmail mail sending, If u want to send mail from any other domain just change the detail....

Email source code

try{Coding provisional compulsory as GB2312Encoding encoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(936);MailMessage Message = new MailMessage(New MailAddress ("your mailbox", "5", encoding),//first is the sender's address, and the second parameter is the senderNew MailAddress (TextBox1.Text));/...

Vs2013 version of the.NET mail server source code OPENMAIL

Application Tomas version of the development of the mail server, server essential features. The program with C prepared using Microsoft. Net development framework, support for ASP. Net, C and WinForms send e-mail, it does not need to use library System.Web.Mail can easily create email...

SSIS calls the mail control to send a custom message

Application backgroundSSIS SQL calls the mail control, send e-mail, set up SMTP, send attachments, through the configuration of the sender, the recipient, send attachments, etc....


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