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Source code AS3 UDP connections

AS3 source UDP connections, user-friendly changes, connecting simple and easy modification...

Canny edge detection

Opencv2.4.9+vs2010   due to OpenCV's canny operator cannot be adaptive threshold and have given the right upper and lower thresholds, so only a single image cannot detect a video stream or several images I Otsu method using Adaptive thresholds edge detection. Pictures of code complete, just ins...

De Lesseps dmc1000B motion control source code

Debugging needs to be done manually using a function function: input/output test, driving pulse manually, test running, stop, mechanical origin: the corresponding function call to: d1000_out_bit  digital output function, can control the laser on or off d1000_get_in_bit reading d1000_start_tr_mo...

Windows screen capture technology of religion

Application backgroundWindows desktop sharing some common screenshots of the technology of Windows desktop sharing some common screen technologyKey TechnologyWe can see the windows system never a general screenshots technique can efficiently capture all system (XP / win7 / win8).A large part of the...

TeamViewer system source code

Application backgroundC++ TeamViewer open source, for your reference. Development tool is Visual Studio  Microsoft;. Although not the latest TeamViewer source code (they certainly do not have to interact with the server part of the code), or else how to live is not to be attacked every day, it i...

Fox 6603 game havoc VC++ 2 source code, compile perfect

Application backgroundFox 6603 game havoc 2 game source code. Contains the required libraries, DLL and other documents, can be a perfect compiler operation.I use the Studio Visual 2015 compiler, backup folder also contains a low version of studio visual solution...

Image processing, image processing, image recognition and extraction based on openCv!

Application backgroundImage processing, image processing, image recognition and extraction based on openCv! Run time need to install opencv....

IOCP gateway Delphi source

Application backgroundIOCP gateway source code, to this is the development of Delphi, with a good performance in the game gateway to improve, is a rare source, a friend can download to download,...

Winform clothing sales management system

Application backgroundWinForm clothing sales management system is a simple clothing Invoicing source code for beginners, there are the needs of friends not to miss.Main function:1, login2, the purchase management, purchase orders, purchase, supplier, data warehouse3, sales management: sales orders,...

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