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VC HTTP file uploads

HTTP upload files on the WEB, easy to use, clear code, it's easy to understand, using POST method...

Simple QT mine project engineering source

Simple QT mine project engineering source In order to score, a demining project source code uploaded to this before. This source is part of the original, The basic realization of the game: the laying of landmines, left, right keys, wave opened Although you can play, but the f...

Knight Online GameServer 3.0

1886 GameServer Project Have 2 Bug Socket Bug And Merchant Bug VS2010 , very bug fixed project fixers ; katana , AKUMA,eridia,bodom . Thanks Twostars ............................

VPN,RAS Dialer

An integrated Dialer written using RAS functions that support VPN dialer code also apply to other PPPOE Dialer. Main feature is located in MyRasFunction, along with two simple test programs. Written using C++, testing program interface using ATL....

VC++ screen takes the word procedure getWord

This is a C++ package DLL takes the word procedure, any language can be called....

MFC games management information system), ODBC

Visual Studio 2010 database information management system written in MFC, use RIBBON controls, when we write something, it is quite standard, beginners can take a look....


Serial communication procedure under Windows, you can send 16-control instructions, and sent data can be converted to a specific format for delivery....

kinect mouse conrol

Controlling the cursor using the Kinect is a common question that I have noticed in many web sites, This feature could help a lot of people to make something more interactive, Designer, Architect, exploring maps, exploring 3D building ,... etc.So in this quick description, I will explain how to add...

Qvod open source code

Qvod open source code,Include windows interface, c ++ programming language that supports peer download, p2p protocol support, upload a compressed package, unzip can see the source code, welcomed the exchange of learning, thanks to download...

PKI encryption applet

One to apply for the certificate, use encrypt encryption algorithms such as RSA demo applet. Easy to learn PKI system....

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