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GPS-INS Integration using ANFIS network

this code helps students to understand the integration GPS/INS using ANFIS ANFIS is stands for Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) is a kind of neural network that is based on Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy inference system  ...

Super 5vs5 code available, VC program

SimuroSot5vs5 ball robot simulation group of the source Soccer Robot Simulation Group SimuroSot5vs5 of the source. VC to compile, run, features and powerful beat a lot of good code, offense, sharp. Defense is active, it is suitable for research....

E-mail client to send and receive

163 mail server configuration information: The POP3 incoming mail server: POP.163.COM SMTP outgoing mail server: SMTP.163.COM Yahoo mail server configuration information My incoming mail server is outgoing mail server is 126 the mail server configuration...

Calling the camera to take pictures

Call a local camera for video. Resource page-specific settings that you can get the camera, webcam pictures gets through DirectShow, picture resolution and camera settings....

Hospital outpatient management system is now popular, profitable business.

VB hospital outpatient management system complete code Tsinghua University publishing, VB 1200 cases, two of the most essential cases. Already two of the commercial code. Absolute value for money. Learn VB procurement of the Mediterranean. In front there is an equa...

Surf algorithm

Surf algorithm source code implementations of ~~~ mainly introduces the SIFT algorithm. Want to SIFT algorithm summarizes more in-depth understanding of "scale invariant feature transform", in addition, also enhanced understanding of the SURF algorithm....

Burn Delphi source code

Burn Delphi source code, supporting segments such as DVD,CD burn,written by Delphi burner DVD/VCD component. -Delphi wrote burner DVD/VCD components....

基于libVLC的ActiveX RTSP实时流媒体播放器源码 支持录像


ECG r-wave detection algorithm optimization based on SoAndChan and implementation

Using the c # language, through the optimization and realization of SoAndChan detection algorithms, identify the r-wave location, optimized algorithms before, making the detection more accurate....

The document management system

This system is for multiple-document management, the equivalent of subcontracting management files, is folder management. Written in c # to support actions such as dragging, add convenient file delete operations. Tree management, reflects the tree and list of uses, is worth profiting from, tree, cli...

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