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Yy video chat software

This is the source code of Yy P2P audio video chat software,  with Server  side and client side video compression....

Onvif protocol demo

Application backgroundVideo monitoring protocol standard onvif protocol, which can be used to study. Protocol source code has two versions, windows and Linux version, sub source code to be written in the form, you can directly use the compiled Library...

QT multi function computer (interface data sharing)

Application backgroundProvide the serial interface, through the data frames format of data transfer, can be a simple data display, data transmission, save the data, also can display graph, data transmission speed is very fast, 2ms read a, interface between data transfer is very convenient and effect...

QR code generated VC++ project

Two-dimensional code generation test program, VC ++ projects can be compiled to runVC MFC prepared by the two-dimensional code source for some of the VC and technical officers!vc6.0 and VS2010 can directly compile and run. Can be freely set of related two-dimensional code generated settings...

IBE(Identity Based Encryption)

IBE identity-based encryption algorithm by Shamir in 1984 first proposed. The basic idea of this is that the public key encryption algorithm can be any unique string, such as email address, ID card or other signs, it has the advantage that the public key is identifiable, usually does not require PKI...

CSharp oscilloscope waveform control source code

Waveform curve graph display, making for a control, can be referenced directly....


This is VS the serial communication more code and data. There are various types of the implementing method. Serial communications (Serial Communications) the concept is very simple, serial bit (bit) of bytes sent and received. Even more so than byte (byte) parallel communication slow serial interfac...

fira 11v11 v

Chengdu University of fira 11v11 source fileSoccer Robot Simulation Group SimuroSot11vs11 of the source. Contains policy documents and position papersstrategy.cppposition.cpp...

Instant Messaging software based on QT programming

This software based on QT programming, suitable for beginners to start with, the basic features of instant messaging software has achieved, code style is straightforward....

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