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Application backgroundDellServiceTag DELL service code and quick service code extraction...

Newtonsoft.Json class library and the use of demo

Application background  Newtonsoft.Json, an open source Json.NET serialization and anti serialization class library, different versions, demo source code...

TCP Client c# asynchronous receive

Application backgroundTcp Clinet C# asynchronous receiver, the test is very stable. Written using Stdio2012 Visual, using the.Net 4 framework development, the interface to change the destination address and port can be used to debug. Annex contains source code and executable files....

FTP upload and download

Application backgroundWritten in C# language with the FTP upload and download function, they have been tested can be used. Written in C# language with the FTP upload and download function, they have been tested can be used. Written in C# language with the FTP upload and download function, they have...

Crossappdis800 source code

Application backgroundDis800dis800dis800dis800dis800dis800dis800dis800dis800dis800dis800dis800...

RS232 serial communications test program written in VB, in TXT format, can be defined to send characters

Application backgroundRS232 serial communications test program written in VB, serial communication can be carried out with PC...

Handwriting recognition

Application backgroundOn line numbers, English characters and Chinese characters recognition, mydate.dat for the font to click on file,   open, read characterLearning font automatically savedThere are keyboard characters, letters, numbersSimple Chinese charactersIf you want to identify complex...

Port scanning based on WinPcap

Application backgroundThere are a lot of port scanning technology, which is mainly divided into several categories: open, semi open scan, scanning and other scanning mode hidden, and the four classification of the most representative respectively is TCP FIN scanning technology and TCP SYN technology...

A very small and very easy to use the form control

Application backgroundA very light and very good to use form controls, similar to the excel function, easy to sorting and statistics, using C + + complete package, you can easily embedded in all kinds of windwos source code....

Library management system

Application backgroundLibrary management system of a library management system based on VB and administrators and ordinary users of two login and permissions are different, there are the needs of friends not to miss.Function:1, system management2, library management3, borrow books4, form...


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