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VC++ can rewrite any time calendar code

Application backgroundA very free to fill in the date of the calendar widget code....

MFC detection directory modification

Application backgroundThis project uses MFC to write, to achieve the file directory is modified to monitor....

HDA OPC history server source code download

Application backgroundOnline to find the HDA OPC server development case, there are HDA OPC service program, there are test cases, the test case is not a program, but to see how to achieve a server...

VC programming source code of large projects

Application backgroundVisualC++ development environment so that programmers can give full play to their creativity to design a more beautiful program interface. MFC program everything, multi threading, network programming, file processing, Windows development of a variety of projects!!!!...

Classic Snake WinForm code

Application backgroundWinForm to write a simple Snake game, can be used as a reference for development and learning.Can be simple to set the length and speed, with sound and other functions.Welcome to guide and discuss, learn and progress together!...

C++ software project

Application backgroundThe system should have the front desk cash register operation, and the background of the management of various data.The system should be used by multiple users, should be the user's rights to enter the system management module.Friendly interface and convenient and simple operat...

Port scanning VC++ advanced programming source code

Application backgroundAdvanced programming VC + + source code for port scanning, the core program from abroad, the author finished the interface and annotations preserved in English, the source code can reference, port scanning accurate / fast, in VC + + 6 successfully compiled...

Linear generation

Application backgroundThis him? Is generated by a linear stuff Aaron technology Gladstone spent considerable phone lattice Lanka but lattice Lanka is quickly lash considerable sway quickly to speed and to show you the hasar domestic ISSN & nbsp;...

File transfer software

Application backgroundThis software is a flexible, compact file transfer software by VC + + software development, very easy to use, run this software need system with Visual C + + 2008 runtime (Visual C + + 2008),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...


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