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ModbusTCP monitoring program

Application backgroundHere first code file first look at it. TCP protocol sample is as follows:The request and response with a prefix of six bytes are as follows:0:  byte;       transaction identifier - replication by the server - typically 01:  byte;       tran...

C# bar code and two-dimensional code operation

Application backgroundGeneration and read through the C# one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code operation...

C# access to Wifi under the Windows list, the state

Application backgroundAccording to the C# WindowsAPI to get the current computer Wifi, Wifi list, and the signal strength, information encryption algorithm...

Win32 disc burning

Application backgroundThe use of Win32 API to achieve disc erasing and burning, and encapsulated into DLL independent interface...

Windows response simulation

Application backgroundA MFC small program, through this program to simulate the response mechanism of Windows, understand the principle of Windows message response....

file analysis

Application backgroundDisk analysis, document analysis, image analysis, word analysis, statistical quantity...

KindEditor plug-in

Application backgroundKindeditor are a set of open source online HTML editor, is mainly used to let users on the site get a WYSIWYG editor, developers can C the traditional multi line text input box (textarea) to replace visual rich text input box. & nbsp; kindeditor using JavaScript, can seamlessly...

Imitation Penguin screen grab tool source code

Application backgroundA penguin imitation of the screen capture tool, or very good, the source can not be testedDevelopment platform    XP + Delphi7function  support for automatic selection box and free drag and drop screenshot.Explain  the program runs in the lower right corner...

UAC windows7 permissions to enhance win7 permissions

Application backgroundWindows7 UAC permissions to enhance win7 permissions, implemented using windowsAPI elevated permissions can be a normal user permissions to ascend to the administrator privileges, suitable for beginners applicable to windows 2008 server, windows7 Vista windows8 windows 10 opera...

Multi serial port control system

Application backgroundThe software includes four serial port, and the lower position machine real-time communication, custom communication protocol, 4 serial port communicate with each other to solve the serial communication between the obstruction problem, normally used for industrial equipment, wi...


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