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Hand gesture recognition using matlab

Hand gesture recognition using matlab using webcam for american sign language....

Instances of three-dimension reconstruction based on OpenCV source code can be run.

This is written in my own instance of three-dimension reconstruction based on OpenCV source code can be run....

Modbus TCP

This is a project for Reading and Writing Modbus TCP's registers.The beginning is where I am looking for Sample program of Modbus TCP's communication. And then I found a sample project in, here: is a proje...

CSharp oscilloscope waveform control source code

Waveform curve graph display, making for a control, can be referenced directly....


该RTSP播放器实现了主流RTSP播放器的基本功能,并有所拓展: 1、RTSP 标准码流(包括音视频)的实时预览播放; 2、网络数据流的断线重连; 3、对存储文件的解码播放以及控制; 4、音视频码流的同步存储,文...

OCR image recognition

Picture recognition OCR, API, called simple recognition rate was OK. OCR (Optical Character Recognition, optical character recognition ) is an electronic device (such as a scanner or digital camera) to check the characters that are printed on paper, by detecting mode determines the shape of dark, gl...



Complete OPC client source code

Using VB to develop OPC client source code, test passed....

Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System Hotel Management System is a web based hotel management software. It's scalable and ready for unlimited hotels, users, rooms and guests.  The software features include revenue management, yield management, booking management, day rate management, booking calenda...

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