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Sales & Inventory Management System

“Sales & Inventory Management System” is one can go into almost required solution regarding like computer shop/mobile store. This software package provides guidance for all the computer/mobile shop purpose, as a perfect guide, the current demand for such software became needful. This pro...



C # simple print function

Printing with VS2008 c # implementation of various instruments, flexible template to achieve even a custom paper size and paper to save the exported functions. If you have a friend in need can download,...

C++ video chat source code (including server and client)

A video chat source code C++, accurate to say is based on MFC and uses VC++6.0 compiler environment. Resource files, including client and server-side source code source code. Can be tested directly after downloading....

Contour contour tracking algorithms generating discrete points

Program can allow users to customize the input to generate a random number, set the x range, set the y range, range of sets z to customize the build number of a sequence of random points, and according to the number of user-defined points people around to carry out regular grid interpolation and con...

-Vs2010 D3D9 black screen optimization source code

Can be used to optimize gaming CPU usage, D3D9 black screen optimization plugin...

VC++ screen takes the word procedure getWord

This is a C++ package DLL takes the word procedure, any language can be called....

Pharmacy management System

Medical  Store  Management  software  is  general  software developed  for  Medical  Store.  This  software  helps  them  to  do billing and stock maintenance. The  purpose  of  this  docume...

Heterogeneous Network Handover Schme

This code is been done for a new adaptive handover approach between the macro and the femtocell with screening the total network quality of the network. In this new algorithm the frequency sub divisional strategy adapted. Anyone one needed any further research improvisation contact me ...

QT-based music player

This code is based on the music player to QT development tools, development tools is QT, development language is c++, the article describes the music player development steps, steps in great detail I, each step has instructions....

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