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Symmetric Searchable Encryption

Searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) allows a party to outsource the storage of its data to another party (a server) in a private manner, while maintaining the ability to selectively search over it. This problem has been the focus of active research in recent years. In this paper we show two soluti...

thread pool

class Pool manages requests from clients. management is storing requests in a priority queue and executing them in paralel....

About UDP Server client in the IOCP framework source code example

About the sample IOCP inside UDP send and receive data, you can enable multiple clients at the same time, inside the package can be directly used, and there is no bug, if you encounter any bug in the operation of the first determination of the source bug, UDP packets, log management, xml files can b...

Source code AS3 UDP connections

AS3 source UDP connections, user-friendly changes, connecting simple and easy modification...

C# USB to send and receive data

This is a c # USB send and receive data, useful for debugging USB interface program...

Image processing, image processing, image recognition and extraction based on openCv!

Application backgroundImage processing, image processing, image recognition and extraction based on openCv! Run time need to install opencv....

Bkwin interface library

Jinshan guard interface library open source code DirectUI technology Using the XML file describes the interface Separate programs and art Greatly liberated the workload of the program...

E-mail client to send and receive

163 mail server configuration information: The POP3 incoming mail server: POP.163.COM SMTP outgoing mail server: SMTP.163.COM Yahoo mail server configuration information My incoming mail server is outgoing mail server is 126 the mail server configuration...

Seis88, the synthetic seismogram

Includes calculation of ray tracing, ray tracing drawings, theoretical calculations, theoretical picture diagram to the study of seismic forward modeling help...

CListCtrl redraw

* Class name: CMyListCtrl:public CListCtrl * Class description: CMyListCtrl class is inherited from the CListCtrl class, redraw the CListCtrl class and the expansion of new features * Feature: you can set the row height of the list size * You can set the size column header row heig...

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