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Self organized tree based energy balance routing protocol for WSN

LEACH (Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) is modified. We extend LEACH’s stochastic cluster head selection algorithm by a deterministic component. Depending on the network configuration an increase of network lifetime by about 30 % can be accomplished. Furthermore, we prese...

camera lights, taking pictures using VC +

In this paper, we implement light camera, achieve the function of video capture and take photos, has been on a laptop test pass.Hope to help people in need.Main function realization of functions: virtual BOOL OnInitDialog ();Afx_msg void OnButtonCatup ();Afx_msg void OnButtonStop ();Afx_msg void the...

MFC HID communications

MFC HID communications program, the main achievement of the HID device detects and displays its parameters and associated configuration information, interactive communications with the host!...

QR solution code

C++ MFC c++ MFC QR code encoding and decoding painting QR coding and decoding picture was written by myself, doing a lot of processing, memory leaks can be generated according to the chosen content-free QR code, and display the picture. According to the picture of the QR code decoder. If you have an...

ZigBee wireless locating

ZigBee wireless network positioning graphics monitor software Setup_Z-Location_Engine_1.3.1.rar...

vc virtual camera

vc virtual camera imaging to achieve, is relatively simple,...

Video surveillance system

He was looking for a long time to find a working system useful to everyone! Made of VC++, divided into server-side and client respectively can video save, open the playback function!...

QT multi function computer (interface data sharing)

Application backgroundProvide the serial interface, through the data frames format of data transfer, can be a simple data display, data transmission, save the data, also can display graph, data transmission speed is very fast, 2ms read a, interface between data transfer is very convenient and effect...

Complete serial communication procedure (send and receive) Vc++ source code

A more complete source code for serial communication program Vc++ believe you will certainly learn a lot!...

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