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Duilib browser demo

this is a demo to complete the IEbrowser by using duilib lib. It is a good demo to study the duilib and it can tell how to use the CWebBrowserUI control....

MicroDVR - Simple Video Security Using Webcams, motion Detection

This is a simple application that allows the user to use the available VideoCaptureDevices (Webcams) as security cameras. The interface allows the user to record the videocapture of a specific camera to a video file (.avi) to local storage (The recording path also can be set via the interface)...

MFC paint simple program

The drawing applet is a MFC single document prepared by the program in a VS2012 environment, compressed package containing programming details. Functional overview In the menu by selecting a different shape, you can to draw straight lines, rectangles, ellipses, and when the mouse is pressed...

MFC HID communications

MFC HID communications program, the main achievement of the HID device detects and displays its parameters and associated configuration information, interactive communications with the host!...

QR solution code

C++ MFC c++ MFC QR code encoding and decoding painting QR coding and decoding picture was written by myself, doing a lot of processing, memory leaks can be generated according to the chosen content-free QR code, and display the picture. According to the picture of the QR code decoder. If you have an...

ZigBee wireless locating

ZigBee wireless network positioning graphics monitor software Setup_Z-Location_Engine_1.3.1.rar...

Symmetric Searchable Encryption

Searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) allows a party to outsource the storage of its data to another party (a server) in a private manner, while maintaining the ability to selectively search over it. This problem has been the focus of active research in recent years. In this paper we show two soluti...

vc virtual camera

vc virtual camera imaging to achieve, is relatively simple,...

12306 grab votes aide delphi source

 12306 grab votes aide delphi source code recognition...

Video surveillance system

He was looking for a long time to find a working system useful to everyone! Made of VC++, divided into server-side and client respectively can video save, open the playback function!...

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