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vc virtual camera

vc virtual camera imaging to achieve, is relatively simple,...

Video surveillance system

He was looking for a long time to find a working system useful to everyone! Made of VC++, divided into server-side and client respectively can video save, open the playback function!...

C# USB to send and receive data

This is a c # USB send and receive data, useful for debugging USB interface program...

De Lesseps dmc1000B motion control source code

Debugging needs to be done manually using a function function: input/output test, driving pulse manually, test running, stop, mechanical origin: the corresponding function call to: d1000_out_bit  digital output function, can control the laser on or off d1000_get_in_bit reading d1000_start_tr_mo...

QT multi function computer (interface data sharing)

Application backgroundProvide the serial interface, through the data frames format of data transfer, can be a simple data display, data transmission, save the data, also can display graph, data transmission speed is very fast, 2ms read a, interface between data transfer is very convenient and effect...

Fox 6603 game havoc VC++ 2 source code, compile perfect

Application backgroundFox 6603 game havoc 2 game source code. Contains the required libraries, DLL and other documents, can be a perfect compiler operation.I use the Studio Visual 2015 compiler, backup folder also contains a low version of studio visual solution...

Winform clothing sales management system

Application backgroundWinForm clothing sales management system is a simple clothing Invoicing source code for beginners, there are the needs of friends not to miss.Main function:1, login2, the purchase management, purchase orders, purchase, supplier, data warehouse3, sales management: sales orders,...

Complete serial communication procedure (send and receive) Vc++ source code

A more complete source code for serial communication program Vc++ believe you will certainly learn a lot!...


The project “Online Courier & Cargo System” delivery status and notification system is being developed for the need of company running simultaneously courier & cargo service this is specially meant for their frontline user service information. This is one of the best efforts by us to...

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