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chat voice use SIP

output target-output" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px;">jitsi(然后SIP通讯)开始在2003伊沃夫在埃米尔的一个学生项目的上下文在斯特拉斯堡大学。[ 5 ]它最初是作为一个例子,视频电话在JAIN-SIP协议栈后来分拆为一个独立的项目发布。...

Super 5vs5 code available, VC program

- -->SimuroSot5vs5 ball robot simulation group of the source Soccer Robot Simulation Group SimuroSot5vs5 of the source. VC to compile, run, features and powerful beat a lot of good code, offense, sharp. Defense is active, it is suitable for research....

Self organized tree based energy balance routing protocol for WSN

LEACH (Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) is modified. We extend LEACH’s stochastic cluster head selection algorithm by a deterministic component. Depending on the network configuration an increase of network lifetime by about 30 % can be accomplished. Furthermore, we prese...

camera lights, taking pictures using VC +

family:Tahoma, Arial;line-height:24px;text-align:justify;background-color:rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8);font-size:14px;">In this paper, we implement light camera, achieve the function of video capture and take photos, has been on a laptop test pass.Hope to help people in need.Main function realization of...

Points cloud triangulation


Read the MBR, GPT, smart hard drive information

size:14pt;font-family:'color:#88A632;font-weight:bold;">1. the master boot record MBR: Primary boot, hard disk partition tables, DPT (DISK Partition table) 2.gpt(guid partition table) 3. ATA or ATAPI transfer modes of hard drives, we send the IDENTIFY DEVICE command to access the hard...

Hospital outpatient management system is now popular, profitable business.

space:nowrap;">VB 医院门诊管理系统 齐全的代码 清华大学出版的,VB 1200例中,最精华的两个例中。 已经商用的两个完整代码。 绝对的物超所值。 学习VB采购的必经之路。 前面还有一个同等级的文件:采...

Contour contour tracking algorithms generating discrete points


QR solution code

family:'Microsoft YaHei';white-space:normal;font-size:14px;background-color:#F8F8F8;">c++ mfc 二维码 编码 解码 画图 c++ mfc 二维码 编码 解码 画图 是自己写的,做了大量的处理,无内存泄露 可以根据输入的内容生成二维码,并且将图片显示。 可以...

thread pool


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