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Calling the camera to take pictures

Call a local camera for video. Resource page-specific settings that you can get the camera, webcam pictures gets through DirectShow, picture resolution and camera settings....


HOOK API的代码,通过学习此代码,可以掌握如何HOOK API函数。本代码包中包含了隐藏进程,文件监视等代码。希望能给学习HOOK API函数的朋友带来帮助。...

VC + play airplane games


Multi-channel data acquisition system

size:16px;">基于labview上位机界面的stm32f0  discovery多路数据采集系统利用板载芯片stm32f051r8t6上的12位adc实现高精度数据采集,并将采集到的数据发送至labview上位机界面显示...

LAN chat tool [source code and design documents]

LAN chat tools, including client and server, many people at the same timeachieve LAN chat. The client and server use the skin of the beautification of the interface, and a detailed design documents and instructions for u...


It is an Artificial Intelligent Chatterbot which will talk to you in efficient manner.Chtterbot is a new technology which will help others to make no difference between human and robotics.Its a technolgy which leads to an artificial environment.Like ALICE chat bot its ELIZABETH chat bot....

Use code to generate barcode

(INT)barCodeTextSize.Width)/2;                     变种barCodeHeight= this.Height - (this.BarCodePadding* 2);                     如果(this.ShowBarCodeText)   &nb...

Ini file parsing

size:16px;">All ini file parsing library; XINI moduleWindows standard format for reading and writing ini files.Ini file within the module will read the contents of all data. ini file within each domain (section name, key name, data) can not exceed the length of the length XINI_NODE_DATA_LEN definiti...


对windows xp下麦克风、主音量进行音量大小以及静音操作。因为xp下没有像win7可以直接静音的api,故而静音时智能调节麦克风音量最小。编译环境vs2008亲测...

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