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Order back method of seismic attribute optimization

Analysis of seismic attributes, seismic attributes up to more than 100 the number of titles and a plethora of seismic attributes tend to affect the stability of the model, to 6 properties and give more appropriate and geological significance of the seismic attributes are often not clear, so their st...

window asynchronous multi-threaded socket

Vc++ implementation of windows asynchronous multi-threaded socket, server,client code has, is the use of asynchronous multi thread mode, structure clear,with VC 6 or VS2008 open DSP can run...



Gets the host name and IP address

space:nowrap;">获取主机名和IP地址,主要是通过API 函数获取计算机的IP与计算机名称。...

Free ID card reader

space:nowrap;">Free ID card reader, you can read the ID cards so the information, refer a friend in need...


很好用  已经试过   帮助很大  我已经看了好几遍了  看过之后你会受益匪浅  了解设计的流程...

Serial function

VC serial communication function, packed for out of box use. ...

Library management system

Library management systems, there is a complete code, books and deletions can be made to change the function, use the c # programming language, there is no wrapper code, you can modify the graphical user interface interface style, suitable for student jobs....

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