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QT-based music player

This code is based on the music player to QT development tools, development tools is QT, development language is c++, the article describes the music player development steps, steps in great detail I, each step has instructions....

Video surveillance system

He was looking for a long time to find a working system useful to everyone! Made of VC++, divided into server-side and client respectively can video save, open the playback function!...



Calling the camera to take pictures

Call a local camera for video. Resource page-specific settings that you can get the camera, webcam pictures gets through DirectShow, picture resolution and camera settings....

Burn Delphi source code

Burn Delphi source code, supporting segments such as DVD,CD burn,written by Delphi burner DVD/VCD component. -Delphi wrote burner DVD/VCD components....


HOOK API的代码,通过学习此代码,可以掌握如何HOOK API函数。本代码包中包含了隐藏进程,文件监视等代码。希望能给学习HOOK API函数的朋友带来帮助。...

Address Book with C#

With this program you can create an advanced telephone address book which enables you to manage your contacts...

Qvod open source code

Qvod open source code,Include windows interface, c ++ programming language that supports peer download, p2p protocol support, upload a compressed package, unzip can see the source code, welcomed the exchange of learning, thanks to download...

Detecting the number and information of HID equipments in computers

This program based on MFC interface development, using the C++ programming language, programming tools for VS2008, by pressing a button, automatically detects HID devices attached to your computer, as well as related information HID devices, add to the project in the project properties testUSB in th...


It is an Artificial Intelligent Chatterbot which will talk to you in efficient manner.Chtterbot is a new technology which will help others to make no difference between human and robotics.Its a technolgy which leads to an artificial environment.Like ALICE chat bot its ELIZABETH chat bot....

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