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C++ programming practice code

C++ Fifth Edition, for the first four chapters link for beginners, we hope to talk more, get better learning resources. Including some of the exercises the first four chapters of the answer, which also have imperfections or irregularities, all criticism....

U disk is automatically read

USB drive automatically get the USB data encryption and decryption, please download                                    ...

Tetris exercise

This code is MFC did during practice, easy to use MFC to write Windows applications, improving production efficiency, the program implements Russia blocks the most basic functions, you can adjust the difficulty, show...

Incoming call recording system

This android program have following functions;1. identify incoming call number and notify to someone.2. may do to not ring this number.3. delete a person corresponding to this number....

student management system

THIS PROJECT IS OF student management system developed in php for managing the and try this.....

Callback for Hydra

Source code demostrate how to open new window into ERP system using Hydra development API....

Latest · explain data socket type classic

Intermediate software TCP / IP protocol suite for communication abstraction layer, which is a set of interfaces. In design mode, TCP / IP protocol suite, hidden in Socket to organize data in order to comply with the specified protocol....

Student Advisory System

A Student Advisory System or SAS website is a web application for user to get more infomation about students. This system developed using Net bean Software. The user for this system is an advisor which is majority who is lecturer that act sas academic advisor for their students. The advisor can add...

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