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Serial function

VC serial communication function, packed for out of box use. ...

Login procedure

Other programs use the login screen vc6.0 developed software program that can implement user and password restrictions permission to use the program, you can embed this program written in someone else's clothes restrict access....

Print the log class

Log class packed myself, for printing the log output, thread-safe! 5 different levels defined, enables users to flexibly use code is easy to understand!...

Simple Serial -

Simple serial develop routines very simple for beginners! Using VC ++ 6.0 MSCOMM control, use the MFC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Very easy to use e-mail client

VC ++ programming e-mail, the receiver can be achieved in the local e-mail account specified, you can also send e-mail, in simple terms, to achieve a local view of receiving and sending Email function, you can then expand some, such as deleting messages plus function, to extend it into a mail client...

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