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宿舍管理系统+代码用面向对象实现宿舍管理系统 用面向对象实现宿舍管理系统...

Hostel management system+ Code quarters realize object-oriented management system with object-oriented management system realize quarters...

The code is written in BASCOM AVR compiler. for ATmega16 microcontroller. For fa...

The code is written in BASCOM AVR compiler. for ATmega16 microcontroller. For fastest finger first project......

led matrix

Code viet led matrix bang c va asm...

Mo server source code can be compiled,

The ink to open source server and the original mo Can make changes to the new system Modify the language of three kinds of C/C + + / C # program file. The file including the mo All the whole can be modified...

Integer floating-point addition

Through MIPS Assembly language to achieve integral floating-point addition. Mfc1 and mtc1 design directives. Such as, 1, output 2, this implementation operation....

Intermitent led's in assembly with HCS08SE8

This is a code in assembly language for the microcontroller HCS08SE8, this use the I/O ports to power- on and off a series of LED's. Besides, through the switches we controlled the sequences....

The taxi meter

The taxi meter! Start, reset, Proteus Assembly fully                                    ...

Pl0 language parser (written in c++)

Could have been compiling job, homework to semantic analysis and want to download the source code of your website information and found no Money, can upload the source code to see if ... Input files are Test1.pl0 and Test2.pl0, the output files are Error_1.txt and Error_2.txt. Write so much don't kn...

Compilation of alarm clocks

This is written in 8086 Assembly language by a small alarm clock, alarm clocks, bells, hour timekeeping function, simple interface, suitable for beginner study...

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