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Popular software for electronic price computing scale

This is my electronic scale manufacturers develop a flat piece of software, directly through the software settings, can produce a 3kg,6kg,15kg,30kg,69kg,100kg,150kg,300kg,600kg,1000kg index value can be up to 6000 degrees for your friend for reference!...

MPU-6050 measuring angle and angular acceleration

MSP430 and Kalman MPU-6050 measuring angle and angular acceleration test of gyroscope self-test and set the detection range (no self test, 16.4LSB/DBS/S) accelerometers self-test, and high-pass filter frequency measurement range (no self test, 2G (16384LSB/G), 5Hz)...

Lua JZ source code

Application backgroundApplication of the stone age to the end of the compilation, Lua technology support. With LNs interface, can add a variety of scripts at the end of the compiler. Make the server more competitive.Key TechnologyApplied to the stone age server-side compile time to join, Lua, suppor...

The ninth session of the flying thought Carle electromagnetic vehicle source code

Application backgroundDetailed ninth electromagnetic group procedures, can be directly usedKey TechnologyThe 5 inductance detection circuit, normalization algorithm, can refer to the arrangement of the inductor, and processing method...

Real time clock program in assembly language

Application backgroundUsing assembly language to prepare real-time clock program, the first initialization procedures, set the cursor, and constantly get time, take time, take minutes, seconds, and continue to cycle, in the process of circulation, if the user presses ESC key to exit, so to the real...

Student management system based on assembly language

Application backgroundStudent management system. Written by the assembly language, there are student information entry, sorting, output and other functions....

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