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EduSoho network classroom v6.12.2

Application backgroundDetailed introduction to the EduSoho network v6.12.2...

Elan 153S seven LED jump

Application backgroundLED七彩跳变,延时为500MS,P6.2为红色   P6.1为绿色  P6.0为蓝色                               ...

Excel-VBA into non-phonetic Pinyin and Chinese characters first letter

Application backgroundChinese excel-VBA into phonetic Pinyin and capitalized, and can modify the character center spaces, no space, the size of the write freely convert...

Text editor assembly language Windows assembly language

Application backgroundAssembly language Windows compilation   can directly generate.Exe program, the interface is beautiful.Text editor is the basic management of text information, which includes the following modules:1 new text           2 open text      ...

Electronic keyboard program

Electronic keyboard routine electronic keyboard program electronic keyboard program electronic keyboard program electronic keyboard program electronic keyboard program electronic keyboard program called keyboard program electronic keyboard program...

汇编语言 文本编辑器



一个学生的信息包括姓名、班级、学号、成绩,其中成绩需要精确到1位小数。试编写程序实现以下功能:(1)   可以录入学生成绩(十进制形式);(2)   可以按要求(如学号或成绩)进行排序显示;(3)   可...


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