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sinusoidal driven servo motor control assembly language source code! Can be applied to PMSM...

微机原理与接口技术课程设计实验报告 实验一 电子琴

principle of the computer and interface technology curriculum design an experiment report experimental flower...

treelistview 扩展,具有绑定数据等功能,是一个相对比较经典的控件扩展!...

treelistview expansion, with bundled data and other functions, is a relatively classic controller expansion....

反汇编disasm的源代码 反汇编disasm的源代码

anti-disasm compilation of the source code compilation disasm against the source code of the anti-compilation disasm source code...


Breakdown of the use of sinusoidal current principle, developed a three-phase hybrid stepping motor driver, to achieve a three-phase hybrid stepping motor phase current breakdown of the closed-loop control and drive. With multiple segments and phase current setting function, able to drive a variety...

《三相交流异步电动机SVPWM开环调速控制程序(软件法)》 .include "240x.h" 寄存器地址 .global _c_int0 全局化...

Three-phase AC induction motor open-loop speed control SVPWM control program (software method) . Include 240x.h register address. Global _c_int0 overall grade of...

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