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The code is written in BASCOM AVR compiler. for ATmega16 microcontroller. For fa...

The code is written in BASCOM AVR compiler. for ATmega16 microcontroller. For fastest finger first project......

led matrix

Code viet led matrix bang c va asm...

Mo server source code can be compiled,

The ink to open source server and the original mo Can make changes to the new system Modify the language of three kinds of C/C + + / C # program file. The file including the mo All the whole can be modified...

Integer floating-point addition

Through MIPS Assembly language to achieve integral floating-point addition. Mfc1 and mtc1 design directives. Such as, 1, output 2, this implementation operation....

Intermitent led's in assembly with HCS08SE8

This is a code in assembly language for the microcontroller HCS08SE8, this use the I/O ports to power- on and off a series of LED's. Besides, through the switches we controlled the sequences....

The taxi meter

The taxi meter! Start, reset, Proteus Assembly fully                                    ...

Compilation of alarm clocks

This is written in 8086 Assembly language by a small alarm clock, alarm clocks, bells, hour timekeeping function, simple interface, suitable for beginner study...

AVR matrix clock 8x8 dot matrix led display

AVR matrix clock. Using ATMEL AVR microcontroller with 8x8 LED matrix. RTC Time controlled by DS1302...

PIC16F877A motor driver

This code is for pic16f877a motor driver. It help student with basic knowledge to easy understand how to make simple microchip motor pwm controller....

Design of automatic lifting system based on single-chip microcomputer

Design of an automatic lifting system, this system can control the flag-raising and lowering, when the national flag and stop automatically at the top of the flagpole; when the flag, at the lowest end stop automatically.1. Press the up button, flag uniform rise smoothly while playing the national an...

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