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In May 6603 Fox network genuine kernel source code

Application backgroundFox network official purchases of the source, not personal changesKey TechnologyFox network official purchases of source code, is to modify the source error free, but Fox network official development can CE replication player ID bank, propose to encapsulate packers Hall...

ABLUA full set of source code

Application backgroundThe stone age LUA source code, AB development. As many as hundreds of LUA scripts, based on the AB engine. Including the change password, pet exchange, catch the pig, change the name, delegate, leasing, sweepstakes, automated PK, siege, field boss, attendance, devil, watching,...

C# from discrete points to contour distribution

Application backgroundProgram can according to user defined input generation random number, X range setting, set the scope of the Y, Z set to custom build a series of random numbers, and according to the user set around the search number of regular grid interpolation, and then according to the input...

Fortran interpolation procedure

Fortran interpolation program, a total of 8. Including the Lagrange interpolation, spline interpolation, interpolating parabola. Essential for beginners....

SWAT model source code

Application backgroundSWAT open source, for the further development of the hydrological model of open source, the source model can be modified to increase the module and reduce the module, and further development, so that the model is more suitable for the study area, can also be re assembled to dev...

MPU-6050 measuring angle and angular acceleration

MSP430 and Kalman MPU-6050 measuring angle and angular acceleration test of gyroscope self-test and set the detection range (no self test, 16.4LSB/DBS/S) accelerometers self-test, and high-pass filter frequency measurement range (no self test, 2G (16384LSB/G), 5Hz)...


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