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phase hybrid stepping motor phase current breakdown of the closed-loop control and drive. With multiple segments and phase current setting function, able to drive a variety of three-phase hybrid stepping motor, the smallest step angle is 0.036 °....


matlab故障诊断程序 -SVM-matlab process fault diagnosis fault diagnosis SVM-matlab program...

wireless heart rate monitor

now a days wireless communication is gaining pace....even for small things we need a wireless case of public health its of immense a wireless heart rate monitor and temperature sensor comes very handy.using a 555 timer amd microcontroller 89c52 we can implement it...

EEPROM_24C01 the C source code, sophisticated and practical, with Notes.

EEPROM_24C01 the C source code, sophisticated and practical, with Notes....


The use of CCS realize the function of IIR filter, and ensure the correct....


By 2051 the system of winding machine [5 median+ Can preset number+ Deceleration+ CNTR...

国标 DLT

1997 645通讯协议 汇编代码-645 communication protocol assembly code...


sinusoidal driven servo motor control assembly language source code! Can be applied to PMSM...

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