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Breakdown of the use of sinusoidal current principle, developed a three-phase hybrid stepping motor driver, to achieve a three-phase hybrid stepping motor phase current breakdown of the closed-loop control and drive. With multiple segments and phase current setting function, able to drive a variety...


SVM-matlab process fault diagnosis fault diagnosis SVM-matlab program...

wireless heart rate monitor

now a days wireless communication is gaining pace....even for small things we need a wireless case of public health its of immense a wireless heart rate monitor and temperature sensor comes very handy.using a 555 timer amd microcontroller 89c52 we can implement it...

Happiness is Dragon-Tiger odds 100% open source complete.

Guangdong happy very, Chongqing is always colored PHP (source code question and answer) 1. dynamic oddsDynamic odds is based on lottery numbers to figure out what betting odds, the higher or the dropIn accordance with a formula to calculate, out numbers on the much lower odds of 2. restore the amoun...

EEPROM_24C01 the C source code, sophisticated and practical, with Notes.

EEPROM_24C01 the C source code, sophisticated and practical, with Notes....


The use of CCS realize the function of IIR filter, and ensure the correct....


By 2051 the system of winding machine [5 median+ Can preset number+ Deceleration+ CNTR...

国标 DLT

645 communication protocol assembly code...

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